Saturday, December 7, 2013

Where Food is All New...

Weekends are such a bliss! Not only because you are in a relaxed state of mind, minus much of a work load, for women it's the time when she actually plans to a break from the mundane, and decides to spend some me time with her girl friends or family. And when we say break, what can be the best way to enjoy that food? Especially at the places that have recently revamped not just the cuisine, but also the interiors and the culinary flavours. We visited two such places in the capital last week, look what they are offering...
The Restaurant Interiors!

Varq at Taj Mahal 

While Taj Mahal Hotel is well known for it's hospitality, it's their beautiful Indian restaurant "Varq" that celebrated it's 5th anniversary with great élan and elegance. The celebration was special not only for the anniversary, but because Chef Hemant Oberoi, the brain behind the lovely menu of the restaurant unveiled the new menu. We were invited to be part of the celebration, and of course to experience the new menu.
Carpaccio & Chaat to Begin With...

Though, we reached pretty late at the venue, and missed the cake cutting celebration, but what came as a pleasant surprise was the lovely 3 course menu that was hand crafted by chef Oberoi. This yum Carpaccio and Chaat that we started out fine luncheon with was a quick eat and was loaded with typical north Indian snack flavours. 
It was quite a happening afternoon, as there were people from media and blogger fraternity. everyone seemed to be enjoying the food we guess!
Post the main course which we enjoyed over a candid chat with Taj PR & Team, what followed next was simply awesome. It was a beautiful Cheese cake that was loaded with an Indian sweet - Gulabjamun in the centre and custard sort of milk around. It was the stealer of the afternoon. Varq is a beautiful example of fine dining, contemporary Indian flavours in the midst of great interiors. 
Some of the new dishes introduced by the chef are Green Chilli Tulsi & Pinenut fish, Kolo kithe, Sunehari Nalli, Masala cord on rice. Also, what;s interesting to know is that the restaurant retains the existing artworks by celebrated artist Anjolie Ela Menon. 
Silk From Inside...

Some restaurants not just change the menu, but also the flavours and the interiors and therefore, the name itself!

Silk: Oriental Lounge Bar

Those who remember the famous restaurant "Greek to Me" that added some Greek flavours to the capital's gourmet club, the same restaurant today has turned into - Silk. You better don't wonder, as when we visited this new place, we realized that some changes are really good!

Considering the cuisine trends today are more towards the middle eastern, and south east Asian side, Silk is all about Oriental and Perankan (With Malay & Chinese influence) food. This is actually good, as you still are going to the same place with a stunning change in the interiors, and of course a drastic yet tasteful change in the food.

Vietnamese Pho, a Yum Appetizer...

So, we reached this place one fine afternoon. It's a beautiful and cozy restaurant with two lounge levels. While the ground floor is more about a casual style dining in a luxe interiors, the other two levels are a sheer delight, and feel more private, rather romantic we should say. 
The first dish was the appetizers, Vietnamese Pho and Malaysian Curries Laksa. Both were simply brilliant, one with Perankan flavours, and the other loaded with the staple ingredients of Vietnam. Followed by a couple of lovely salads, majorly into Tofu and Chestnuts, what we looked forward to was the "Chef at the Table" dish. While this was slimier,  and full of mushrooms, we loved the fact that the chef prepares right next to your table. 
Silk Chocolate Salami... a Must-Try!

Silk is beautiful, not just for the first timers, but even for those who had been used to the previous name and totally different previous flavours. While the restaurant seems to have decided to be part of the current trend, it sure has something different to pull the crowd to their door. And, for women the place is bliss especially when your final dish is something like Silk Chocolate Salami!
The round little chocolaty slices bring a perfect end to your afternoon luncheon with your girlfriends...

When are you heading for your Silk and Varq experience? Weekend has already begun!!

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