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AWSW's Year-end Reviews...

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year beginning, and are now back to your Monday blues. Well, we are here to make it interesting with our review based feature on the Lifestyle. These also happen to be the beautiful year-end launches of 2013, though we are featuring them now. The reason is simple, we too were on the vacation mode...

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For a Stress-free Skin

Nothing can beat a fresh looking skin when it comes to new day of the week. Your skin is the mirror of your  inner state, why not make it look revived? Vivel from ITC has come up with a few cleansers and scrubs that assures to eradicate the effects of atmosphere on our skin like, pollution and stress. The two product that we tried and tested were - Cell Renew Pollution Protect Cleansing Cream + Scrub and Cell Renew Energizing Face Cleanser + Scrub. We observed that both the products are mild on your skin, which means that there are no solid granules like other scrubs. We can't comment on the nourishment part, but skin feels fresh for sure. 
The brand claims to protects skin from the daily damage of ‘Pollution’ and ‘Stress’ as the products are infused with Vitamin E. 
Fact File: The products might appeal to many women as they are easy to carry be it during travel, or your work place. Also, they are easy on pocket when it comes to price, as compared to bigger brands. What's interesting is that one product is for morning use, and the other is for evening. So, they are like a combo deal!
A Beautiful Solution!

For a Smooth Skin

Taking care of your facial skin doesn't mean that rest of your body should be left ignored. A smooth looking skin, sans the hair is a delight for a fashion conscious woman, as it makes her experiment with newest styles. But when the season is winters, going to a salon for the tedious waxing ritual can be really boring. But, with the latest launch - Gillette Venus, you can make your skin look smooth in a jiffy. Yes, we reviewed their product (they sent a beautiful gift hamper) and realized that it is perfect for women on go. 
The product is totally meant for women, though we would have loved to see it in some women'ish' colours like Pink! On a serious note, Venus razor is a happy solution for women who want to get rid of those bodily hair growth that otherwise is a pain to get rid of via waxing. The razor is super smooth, and the three blades do the needful in one go. Though, women with dense hair growth might have to do a little extra effort, as the razor is so fine and smooth, that it goes difficult to get rid of the thicker growth. Bur, it's handy, a must-have in your travel kit. It's grip is such that even a teen girl can use it with sheer confidence!

A Woman's Basics For Every Season!

Fashion Gear for Eyes

Enough of skincare, now let's shift our focus on some fashion accessories that are not just the basics for women, but are also a great style statement. Yes, sunglasses are the need of the day. Be it for a fashion reason, or for protection from the harmful UV rays. But, not every chic looking shades can do the needful. We realized this when we recently reviewed Safilo India the manufacturer of some of the top fashion brands like Dior, Gucci, Marc Jacob, Jimmi Choo just to name a few...
Look at the picture (in left), these are some of the shades that we reviewed. What we likes about Safilo products is that they are not only fashion statement, but are also sturdy enough to fit in your day-today occasions like metro or local commuting, field job, or a club party. While the shades are totally sexy and on top of the trend line, you might somewhere in between tend to miss your RayBan aviators, as these trendy and style statement sun glasses are not for a long duration wear. Yet, they are a must in a woman's bag... Now, you need to find your own reasons for the same!!
A Chic Party Accessory!

A Perfect Neck Adornment

This one that we reviewed lately, we simply can't get enough of it. A beautiful sterling pendant from American Swan has all the reasons to be there in your daily wear jewel box. It oozes femininity in every possible way. Be it it's shape, it's delicate pattern, the elegantly studded diamonds, the fine chain, this neck piece will sure adorn your neck. And, you don;t have to wait for a party season, or an occasion to wear or flaunt it. It is ideal choice for a working woman, and for college going girls. Definitely not meant for rough and tough use, but nevertheless, it can be your apt daily wear this year!!
Time to Bag it!

Go Right With Your Bag

Since we are already talking about adornment, how can the most important accessory in a woman's life can be ignored? Yes, a woman's bag needs to be right, not because you always want to flaunt it, but it also helps you in many ways. Lavie's newest range in bags sure will help you find the right bag for your wardrobe. We loved the new collection as it has some nice colour combinations that are apt for women who frequently step out, be it work or household demands. The sizes and shapes are user-friendly, it's just that the sturdiness of the bags is of a little concern. But then, women don't tend to stick to one bag, right?
When Drinks are Limited Edition...

For a Royal Celebration

And, the last but the most royal review that we did during the year-end has to be this one. Dewar’s Legacy Collection 1893, which is first of it's kind limited-edition collection, only to be available at Delhi Duty Free. So, what exactly this drink is? Well, for men, it's a familiar drink, but for women who have usually been on the wine and vodka side, this one is a sheer surprise!

This special limited edition blended Scotch whisky commemorates the first Royal Warrant awarded to Dewar's 120 years ago. And, DDF (Delhi Duty Free) is now making it available to the international travellers. We attended their launch event in the capital, where the expert mixologist from Bacardi India created some stunning cocktails from Dewar's Signature collection. We realized that whisky, which otherwise is such a lonesome drink, can be a lot fun when mixed with some women-friendly flavours. 
Fact File:
What's interesting to know is that only 1,000 individually-numbered bottles of the Dewar's Legacy 1893 will ever be released. Presented in the finest hand-blown crystal decanter with handcrafted silverware made by Scottish craftsmen, the design is inspired by the dirk, the Scottish ceremonial dagger. The dirk is decorated with a thistle motif with detailing in 22-carat gold, and has as its centerpiece nine sapphires inspired by the famous Stuart Sapphire, owned by many Scottish kings before it became part of Queen Victoria’s Imperial State Crown. 
Now, what all notes and complex flavours it has, is for you to try and taste... As, one bottle will cost you $3999!!
But then that's what Lifestyle is, and AWSW makes sure to bring the best of it to you via our reviews... 

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