Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Must-know Facts About Skincare!

Enough has been said and written about skincare, and the strict beauty regimes that are to be followed to get a flawless, radiant-looking skin. But how often do we actually stick to what we read? Chances are that most of you would agree that our busy lives make us go lazy when it comes to skincare, triggering the aging process. And, that's why this time we decided to bring to you some of the not so known facts that can truly help us look beautiful, only if followed as a routine practice. Dr. Sirisha Singh, a well known dermatologist, who we met recently at The Skin Centre, her clinic in the capital shared some very interesting facts about skincare, which most of us are absolutely not aware of...

Start Early

"Skin, like all other organs is subjected to the normal processes of wear and tear. Since it is the outer later, it tends to get exposed to environmental pollutants, UV light, etc which can further damage the skin. If one wants younger, fresher looking skin, then one needs to look after their skin from very early on in life. Studies show that skin as young as in the 20s starts to show some changes of ageing. For example, if one doesn’t use sunscreens in their younger age before 10 years of age, age spots and freckles appear earlier in them and their skin shows signs of ageing earlier than those people who have used sunscreens regularly," says Dr. Singh.
Which means, if you thought of using skincare products like Sunscreen at a later stage, chances are that you are only triggering the aging process...

"There are no shortcuts to skincare," says Dr. Sirisha!
Dr. Singh suggests a basic cleansing, toning and moisturizing, followed by a standard SPF sunscreen to be followed daily. Whether you step out of your home or not, make sure to mask your facial skin with sunscreen, and believe us it's no marketing gimmick! 

Facial Not Enough

"The skin has a turnover of 28 days, and thus regenerates every few weeks. It therefore has to be looked after regularly and on a daily basis, otherwise signs of wear and tear start to show. Getting a facial done once a month and not looking after it on a daily basis serves no purpose. It would be more effective to have a daily skin ritual than to get a monthly facial. I agree to the fact that the products available in the market, and the face treatments offered by clinics or salons can be confusing and mind boggling, but some basic know-how can actually help you. Like, go for a cleanser that has a pH balance, or pH neutral. Same goes for moisturizer, a salcylic based usually works well. Else the normal syin type is good enough," suggests Dr. Singh.

Read Ingredients Carefully

Yes, if you have been shopping for skincare products mere on the basis of the Ads that you watch on TV, or suggested by your friends, it's high time you start paying attention to the ingredients written on each products. " When buying any skincare product, one should always check on the ingredient list, the expiry date and whether or not fragrances or preservatives have been added to the product. I strongly recommend steering clear of products which do not have the ingredients listed.The ingredients could broadly be divided into active ingredients: these are effective on the skin and help to renew the skin appearance, the vehicles: these are substances which are added to the product to either dissolve the active ingredient or to enhance the cosmetic acceptability by making it smoother and the preservatives and fragrance. It is worthwhile to avoid products which have preservatives or fragrances added to them. The ingredient list usually mentions these as such," says Dr. Singh.
she further adds that many people are allergic to the preservatives and fragrances and also there are some studies which have demonstrated that they could increase the risk of certain cancers.
"The active ingredients are usually beta hydroxy acids or retinols or vitamins and many products these days contain active ingredients from plants and herbs. It is desirable for the product to have a higher percentage of these active ingredients as they nourish the skin and enhance the appearance of the skin. The vehicle may be aqua (water) or glycerin or some creamy agent to dissolve the active ingredients. It is preferable to stay away from products which have methyl parabens as they have been implicated in some cancers, " sums Dr. Singh!

Did You Know?

1. Must use skincare product 365 days a year - Sunscreen, with SPF 30

2. There are also many products that are retailed only through doctors. This may be because they contain a higher strength of the active ingredient which does not allow the products to get an OTC license. If you are looking at getting more effective products for daily use but do not wish to use strongly medicated products, it is worthwhile mentioning it to the doctor. For example, some companies have retinol or Vitamin C in small gel capsules. They have high strengths of the active ingredients and are suitable for use in nearly everybody looking at slowing down the ageing of the skin.

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