Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Platinum Resolution for Your Man

It’s a fresh beginning with 2014, and we are quite sure that you must have had your New Year resolutions like every year. Well, how about adding one more to your resolution list?

While women have usually been on the receiving end when it comes to gifts, especially jewellery, why not surprise your men this year with the most cherished piece – Platinum? 

Yes, with the latest reports on jewellery trends, it has been observed that Indian men are happily adorning. Rather flashing jewellery that has an aesthetic appeal. And, when it comes to the elegance and aesthetic appeal, we all know that nothing can beat platinum. So, how and what can you actually gift your men this year? Take a cue from the trend survey, and the expert’s suggestion from below…

Men Find Platinum Pieces Quite Elegant & a Perfect Style Statement!

Men Love Understated Jewellery 

If you thought that it’s only women who crave for the stunning, shimmering, luxury and jewellery, it’s time for you to rethink, as the study says that men are equally fond of jewellery. Platinum being the obvious choice as it has the perfect luxe appeal. Vaishali Banerjee, Country Manager India, Platinum Guild International says, “Through the ages, the most discerning of men have preferred platinum when it came to their jewellery. Young men today are not only looking at bands in platinum, but are also taking to platinum chains, and bracelets. The look of platinum and its weight appeals to men as it is understated, yet sophisticated and elegant and those who own it are considered ahead of the curve. Platinum is a very dense metal and has inherent strength that can be sculpted into unique designs. It appeals to the man’s sense of practicality as the metal can withstand the rigors of daily wear.” 
Why not gift your men the love band, just to begin with this season? 

Jewellery Trends for Men 

Now since you know what fascinates men in jewellery, how about understanding the platinum trends, before you zero-in on the right piece for gifting? The trends in men’s jewellery are all inspired from the key design hook of ‘Digital fantasy’. The men’s range is about styles that are futuristic, modern and have brave new shapes, along with structural and engineered designs, which can stand the test of time. The collection inspired from “Digital Fantasy’ highlights the texture and glory of platinum be it matt or satin. Combination finishes and designs like dual finish knots or box links have been crafted keeping in mind the discerning urban man. Vijay Jain, CEO, ORRA says, “The platinum range is reflective of their global outlook and style quotient. They are at ease when indulging in jewellery to enhance their style quotient, making a definitive statement. The heft and weight of the naturally white metal platinum can make for a substantive piece of jewellery without signs of being ostentatious and it’s the choice of this generation.” 
So, you don’t have to worry about the texture, be it satin or matt, your man is sure going to admire your choice… 

Men’s Jewellery Choice 

Like women, who love to have earrings, or a pendant as their immediate flashing jewellery, men too have weakness for certain platinum pieces. Want to know what are those? Let’s hear it from these celebrity men themselves… “The cufflinks, bracelets, rings, and chains are perfect for today’s men. The gleam of platinum and its tenacity makes it a right choice for men. Platinum is subtle, classy and elegant,” says Vijendra Singh, Indian Olympic BoxerActor Ayushmann Khurrana says, “Personally platinum appeals to me, for it’s understated, not in your face, yet is strong and durable, something that I can relate to. Among precious jewellery for men, it is the best choice. It has sleek modern designs and is exclusive.” Are these men not helping you out what piece to for your man this year? Sure they do, as they all have fallen in love with their precious possession, they way you women have, time immemorial… 

Where to Find Men’s Jewellery? 

We are helping you out in the store selection as well, as not many retailers are into men’s jewellery. These top 5 retailers for men’s platinum jewellery will help you in the right gift selection – Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Joyalukkas, TBZ, The Original, ORRA, GRT Jewellers!

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