Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend Bliss Over Chinese Flavours!

What can be a better way to end your weekend than some lip-smacking food? Yes, we know that you are done with your weekend fine dining, and so did we...
Shanghai Club at WelcomHotelDwarka by ITC is a Perfect Place to Unwind Your Week-long Stress...
This time our dining spot was beautiful Shanghai Club, located in the newly revamped WelcomHotelDwarka by ITC at the plush suburd of the capital, called Dwarka. While the suburb is the first love of a lot of nuclear families, what it truly lacked was a fine dining concept at a five star property. But, Shanghai Club seems to have come to rescue.
Sushi Gurando Platter

So, we reached this elegantly designed restaurant over dinner last week, where Executive Chef Shivneet Phohoja was already there to brief us about the restaurant and the food. As the name suggests, the place is all about Chinese and some Japanese flavours, we decided to challenge the chef by going for a pure veg cuisine. As we know that a lot of families in India still prefer trying vegetarian when it comes to eating out.
The Japanese expat chef actually surprised us with the lovely Sushi Gurando Platter, that was served in the most stylish way.
It was yum...

Spinach Tofu 
Then was the turn of some wonderful starters while we were sipping some lovely Chardonnay from Australia. while we started with the tasty soups in during that wintry evening, the starters actually took the limelight. Be it the Steamed vegetable Wanton, or the Homemade spinach tofu, and amazing Crispy vegetables with sichuan pepper, they all were just the perfect blend of spices and flavours. What turned icing on the cake was the Jasmine Tea that was refilled to cleanse the palate after each course.
The place sure is going to invite women who love to catch up over some tasty food.
And, what we would sure suggest to all you out there is the dessert, which undoubtly is the stealer. Hard to believe that Chinese have something so wonderful to offer than the usual chocolate.
Coconut Parcels are Sheer Delight

Look at the picture, these beautiful Coconut Parcels are pure bliss. This dish actually made our evening. It came as a wonderful suggestion from our server and of course their expert chef, we simply loved this sweet indulgence.

So, what are you waiting for? Shanghai Club is your call for the coming weekend....

Fact File:
 ITC’s award winning Chinese Grand Master Chef Liang Xiao Qing of Pan Asian fame has conceptualized the menu and set the tone for the cuisine of the Shanghai Club at this location.

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