Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Where Luxury is Art...

We have been featuring interesting profiles of women who have been at their creative best, be it designing, cooking, confectionery or any other form of art. But, rarely we feature women who are not only at their creative best, but are also at their entrepreneurial best. Difficult to find, but sure the talent is out their in abundance... And, we met one such talent, named Preeti Rao, VP (Operations), Dolphin International in the NCR recently, at her plush store, élitaire. We landed up at her store one fine afternoon over a cuppa to know more about her journey.
" Art has become an integral part of my life now," feels Rao!

Rao, who has been from the business management background, and who has seen business (Dolphin group is headed by her father) from her childhood days, it is something natural to inherit the business sense, from the eyes of a layman. But wait, that's where the twist is!
" I have been working from the age of 16, and my first earning was 1500. Yes, there is no denying that I have grown up in a business family, but before taking my father's business to a next level, I have had my days of struggle, where in I worked with companies from various fields like IT, health, retail and so. It just happened that I accompanied my dad in one of his overseas trip where he was selecting art pieces for our home, and that's when I actually found a fascination towards art and interiors," recalls Rao.
Some Stunning Interior Pieces at her Store!
So, here we get to hear the twist. Preeti Rao not just joined her family business, but actually took it to the next level, by adding  élitaire to the luxury and retail division of Dolphin D'mart. " élitaire you can say is the extension of my own personality. I have developed a sense and taste for fine things, and via our luxe store, I am trying to cater the same to those who believe in the finest beauty of art. It's no exaggeration, but our store is the biggest in India that has the premium interior solutions for your home. We recently also got into interiors solutions, as I realized that our art pieces are such that many of our clients would find it difficult with it's placement at their homes. That's when I decided to offer consultancy too. You see, art is something that needs to be cultivated, one can't find a taste for it in one go. And, once you get to appreciate the beauty of it, you crave for more," feels Rao.
Looking at the pictures of the store, you can easily imagine what exactly the store is all about.  élitaire is a concept store that is all about the luxury interiors. Needless to say, it is a high end store that can beautify a typically bigger house, especially the bungalows that can easily accommodate magnificent art pieces. Each of these pieces are Rao's picks from her travel to various parts of the continents.
" It's always good to travel, especially when you are travelling for your work, and when your work itself is so much fun. As a woman, I find my role challenging, particularly in India considering the country we are like, but otherwise when it comes to my field, it's not that big a challenge. The field of interiors has come a long way, and it's good to see people are gradually developing a taste and keenness for the finer beauties. Though, we are located at a place, which is not typically Delhi, and that's what the biggest challenge is. While the located was meant to be a 'one stop destination' for interiors, at the outskirts of the city, which is how internationally it is. But for various reasons, it couldn't gain momentum. Since we are 'Only on Invite' basis, a lot of people have this curiosity to see what exactly is there inside the store," summed Rao while seeing us off when we were leaving her luxurious den.

Whether you are a firm believer of such amazing stuff or not, it's good to see how women at such a young age have already carved a niche for themselves... Why not get inspired, at least!!

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