Monday, January 27, 2014

Women Entrepreneur Meetup...

We are back to the Monday once again, but wait! We sure have something really interesting for you. Remember we told you that are we are soon introducing an all new section - "Women Entrepreneur Luncheon Meetups" ? Yes, we did our first successful Meetup of 2014, and are brings the glimpses of the same to you on this beautiful Monday morning...

Women Entrepreneurs, who Believe in Bringing Change...
It was a lovely afternoon, loaded with amazing energy and of course beauty. And why not? After all, it was a noon that was all about women. Allwhatshewants along with Nom Nom, one of the fine dining restaurants of the capital invited some of the wonderful She entrepreneurs  from the lifestyle field, over an Asian style luncheon, midst some business discussions!

Be it the women from decor field, Neelam Diwani, of Hastens, or Preeti Narula of Living Balconies, be it women from confectionery and hospitality, Nadia of The Cup n Cake Factory, Avanti Mathur from Sweet Nothings, and Manita Asija from Kylin Group, be it the women from Wellness, Ashma Sachdev from Anamyaa Wellness, and Anamika Singh from Anadini Tea, be it women from beauty, Dr. Deepali of Skin and Hair Clinic, be it women from Diplomatic arena, Ratan Kaul from ICUNR, be it women from Style, Swati, of Swati Modo Shoes, or be it women from Communications, Poonam Kumar (in pic above)... the luncheon was all about bringing and connecting women from different lifestyle fields, discussing business, and associations!
Nom Nom proved to be a beautiful location, as not just the food, their ambiance is so tastefully done that it appeals to any women of aesthetics. We had the architect, the food consultant & the PR (See pic) with us during the occasion, and they gave us an interesting insight of the place. The entrepreneurs were seen appreciating the food, and of course the desserts.

The meetup is a platform that offers a networking at a comfy place, in a very relaxed mood. AWSW will be doing such meetups every month at different places, and with different themes. As we know that women who believe in lifestyle, sure would want to experience the other beauties of the lifestyle field. Probably, beauty could be the next theme... what say readers?

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