Saturday, February 1, 2014

For the Love of Cocktails...

While the world knows that women and wine go hand in hand... both age beautifully, but then women love a a lot of other drinks as well that primarily have been in the male domain for quite a long time... And, we are here with some of the beautiful, tasty and feminine cocktails, which these so called masculine drinks can be turned into!!

Make a Perfect Summer Cool With the Hint of Brandy!

Brandy Cocktails by BOLS

Bols, the original Dutch brandy that has been in the Indian market, especially down south in collaboration with Kyndal India recently ventured in the North region.

Banerji Seems to Know & Understand
the liquor Ball Game Pretty Well...
" Brandy is a winter drink and has always been associated with men. But, being a woman myself, I feel that this liquor can easily be admired, when it gets combined with some amazing fruit flavours. After all, brand is nothing but distilled wine," told Pushpanjali Banerji, Brand Director, Bols Kyndal India, while we were sipping Purple Dream, a wonderful cocktail that had a dash of pineapple and lime, combined with some yum starters.

Brandy sure has some surprise elements, and has the elegance that women would love to try and experience (for us too, it was our first). It doesn't hit you like a whisky, and sure ends on a sweeter not, though with some burning in your throat. That's where cocktails play a perfect role. combined with fruits, the drink goes easy, event for the first timer.

It's time for north India to have their Bols moment!!

Price-friendly Cocktails

If you thought that it's only the brandy that can lure women, when it comes to cocktails, time for you to check this...
Lip-smacking Cocktails at Charlie's Bar Exchange!

If some brands are offering a decent liquor like brandy (above) at a pocket-friendly price point, there are restaurants that are making sure to give the consumers some innovation, when it comes to prices. We reviewed Charlie's Bar Exchange recently, which is a restro bar concept. As the name says, it has rates like a stock exchange. You can see the rates fluctuating right there at the screen before, and accordingly can order for the drink that goes well with your pocket.
We decided to review the whisky-based cocktails here, which the expert created beautifully. Be it the ... or ... the cocktails were a sheer delight!

The restaurant has a decent ambiance, and sure deserves a try. But, on a long run, it will have to come up with some more innovations, in terms of food. What comes as a relief, especially for the younger crowd is the price point, which is pretty moderate, and of course keeps changing right before you. The portions are big enough to share amid friends. But for women, it's only the food that will bring them back to this place again...

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