Wednesday, February 19, 2014

For That Perfect Smile!

For a woman who is busy with her mundane routine at home, or a woman who is busy with her work role at office, what comes to her rescue is a pleasant smile that she receives and of course offer to her near and dear ones. But how if the smiling face flashes some pale, plaque stuck braces fixed teeth? Chances are that you might want to avoid that smile and carry on with your mundane tasks!

Well, seems like technology and trends have come a long way! Today, you can not just have a beautiful jaw with gleaming regular teeth, but can also have an invisible aligner on the same for bringing them to the perfection. What's interesting to know is that some international brands have marked their presence felt in the Indian market now, which so far was predominantly about braces. Now you might be wondering what are aligners, and how are they different from the regular braces? Look at the picture below, which shows both the aligners and the braces, and you will get a very clear idea of how they are different. While the later is a transparent coating sort on your teeth, the former sure is the metallic trap for your tender teeth...

Some brands have come to the next level, which is 3D aligners. ClearPath Orthodontics, a US brand has introduced a breakthrough technology which revolutionizes the way we treat malocclusion (irregular teeth and bite). The brand provides new improved quality 3D aligners through its unique proprietary, patented process which provides a hygienic, convenient and a clear solution for the correction of malocclusion without having to wear brackets and wires.

" Over the years we have seem people with irregular teeth problem going for the traditional braces. While many have accepted it happily, many have found it as an embarrassment. For a lot it's like a mental agony. Imagine everyone around talking and chatting, and sharing a laugh and suddenly you flash your braces trapped teeth. With 3D aligners, which now is known worldwide, we are sure that women especially will be happy flaunting the same," said Dr. Ataat, Founder and CEO of ClearPath

what we actually liked about the product is that they are removable, almost invisible, US-FDA approved medical grade plastic appliance, which fit snugly onto patients teeth, as compared to any wire or braces.  And yes, you better don't underestimate them as they are sure not metal but plastic. But what comes as a surprise is that they offer a better movement because of their elasticity. Aligners today are becoming a popular choice among teens and adults, men and women alike. People aged between 13 years to 60 years are making aligners their first choice of treatment for malocclusion. Do you know that aligners have been the first choice of the celebrities too?

Fact File of Aligners:
they are made of plastic with great elasticity, which makes them move by 2.5 mm. This movement is three times of braces. It changes your entire lifestyle, physical appearance, and of course the confidence.  You need to be minimum 13 in age, and when it comes to cost they sure are expensive as compared to braes. They start from 25,000 depending on the service and the requiremnt of the patient!

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