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Newer Add-ons to Your Beauty Kit

It's been a while that we haven't featured anything in beauty, which happens to be one of AWSW's most well-read sections. Yes, there had been a few new launches that we gave a miss as we didn't find them much relevant to our she readers. Like, some new scrub, or a new lip gloss shade... or even some new nail paint. These few did stand different in the array of beauty launches that the season  (Spring) has witnessed!
Lakme's Eyeconic Range of Kajal & Liners!!

Eyeconic by Lakme India

It has been created some real sensation for quite some time. and, why not? after all, it's a launch from one of the biggest beauty seller brands of India- Lakme. The newest in the brand's kitty is Eyeconic, which is endorsed by the brand's celebrity face Kareena Kapoor Khan. It's all about beautifying and highlighting your eyes. Be it the Kajal, the liner, or the mascara, the range focuses on eyes (the name says it all actually).

Kareena Kapoor Khan in the White & Black Kajal!!
While Ms. Khan has been flaunting the beautiful white from this range, we sure didn't find it much of an interest as we know that for a working woman who commutes via metro, via locals, via DTCs & BESTs, in India, this particular colour is hell of a challenge to flaunt publicly! No denying, it's a beauty once you try it out while partying during evenings...

Well, but that's not the only colour. The Eyeconic kit that we received from the brand for the review (pic above) had some beautiful blue, deep green, subtle brown, and lovely gray!

What We Liked:

The liner and kajal both are super smooth. All you need to do is simply glide it over your lashes with a soft pressure. The line stays there like forever (till you wash it off). No smudging at all (unless you rub it out of any irritation), both the kajal and the liner accentuate your eyes in the most sexy way. The colours are perfect for both day and night, but prefer them during day events.

What We Observed:

There are chances of irritation, if your skin is hyper sensitive, which we did face. So, if you are planning to try it on the inner rim of the lower lashes, use it carefully. Always remember that liner is only for the outer wear, so you can actually try the white and the black kajal from this range for inner rim!

The price point starts from 199/- and goes to 250/- which is fair enough to spend on...

Avon's International Range of Anew Vitale...

Anew Vitale by Avon India

One of the oldest in the direct marketing category, Avon India recently added a few new skincare products in their 'Anew' category, named as Anew Vitale. While the range had been in market internationally since 2013 end, the Indian women has got the hands on a few like Cleanser, Day and Night Cream (something that we tried and reviewed)

Vitale, is primarily focusing the mid 20's age group, when the actual aging process begins (though, there is a lot of controversy about the real age of  sin degeneration). To review a product like this, you truly need to give it a try at least for a month to see the results. What we tried sincerely was the cleanser, which is sheer elegance!

What We Liked:

The cleanser is mild and is in a thick gel form, which makes you use a little amount of it. It forms a subtle lather, and leaves no itchiness or reaction even for the hyper sensitive skin. The clearer skin is visible. This can be easily followed by some moisturizing and a thin layer of the day cream from the same range.

What We Observed:

The day cream is a little sticky, so if you have an oily T-zone, it will add to it's shine further. It has a mention of SPF 25, which is fair enough for the indoor protection.  While the cream assures to take care of the open pores, and adding health to the dull skin, you might have to show a little patience as the skincare products take time for the same. We have been using the day cream for some time now, and can feel some subtle difference. At least, their is radiance if not the shrinking of the open pores...

The price point for the cleanser is 799/- which is pretty decent as it will last for a quarter easily!!

A Shampoo With a Pleasing Appeal!!

Natural Recharge by Sunsilk

The brand, which is purely into haircare has come out with an all new shampoo along with conditioner, which assures to boost the sheen to the dull looking hair. Sunsilk, a brand known for it's innovation driven product range, has played with some natural ingredients this time. It has Ginseng root and oil (read the pack) that is known for the health benefits. We tried this new shampoo and conditioner for almost a month, before sharing the review.

What We Liked:

It seems that this is the first one in HUL's kitty which is paraben-free haircare product. What you instantly like about this shampoo is the texture and the fragrance. Both are quite pleasing. Secondly, the amount that's needed to cleanse the scalp is also not much as compared to any other paraben free shampoo. What's also good about the shampoo is the thickness that is not so flowy. It's a feel good shampoo and adds fun to your bathing experience. 

What We Observed:

The lather is a little concern as it needs too much of water for the proper cleansing. Also, the conditioner that you apply later is a little flowy, compared to other regular conditioners. We noticed that sans the conditioner, the bounce is still very much there. It just helps in keeping the fray aways intact!

The price point for this shampoo is 219/- for 340 ml... What a pocket-friendly product!!

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