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For an Adventurous Me-time

Remember the me-time exclusive travel feature that we did last summer, for women who believe in spending some leisure and adventurous time, sans their BFs and husbands? We are once again back with the same feature, and this time we explored the wild beauty of Rajasthan, midst the luxurious stay! Treehouse Anuraga Resort, situated in one of the historically known city of Rajasthan, Sawai Madhopur invited us for the candid review, and Dr. Supriya Himanshu, the Founder went there along with her 8-year-old daughter. Read what she has to say...
The Fa├žade of Treehouse Anuraga
"Me-time travel for a busy woman is mandatory. Not because she craves for some change, but she basically wants to be just with herself, perhaps to relax for 24X7 busy, to explore the newer destinations for the adventurous ones, and to enjoy e company of her child, for women like me who share a long-distance relationship with her only child. Me-time is the perfect escape from the mundane, and when the destination is a wildlife and the stay is luxury, it's the perfect icing on the cake!
Suite at the Resort... Rose Theme...

I decided to visit this beauty, named Treehouse Anuraga Ranthambhore, last weekend with my girl. Located in the close proximity of world-famous Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve, the resort is sheer luxury, in a small city like Sawai Madhapur. While, the city is over-crowded with many premium, super-luxury, and budget resorts and lodges, this one stands different in many special ways. Me and my girls spent a wonderful three days at this resort, which not just pampered us with it's cozy and comfortable stay, but also made sure to arrange a nice safari to the national park, just to get the glimpse of the jungle ruler - Tiger (yes, we did see tigers)...
For a woman who loves to travel alone with her kid, that too a girl, in a country like India, which is so not safe for wimen travellers these days, Rajasthan is a refreshing breeze. Despite being the dry state, and not a summer destination, Ranthambhore in this state proves to be a great choice to travel on your own.
The Beautiful Lobby...

Anuraga is a pleasant choice when it comes to stay. It's magnificent, it's oppluent in terms of the exteriors, and it's pretty safe and cozy not just for the women travellers, but also for families. The moment you step in this resort, all you notice in a glance is the huge reception area, and then the marble-floored lobby that gives a very luxe impression. Spread in good three floors with four beautiful Suites, inspired by floral theme, the resort has deluxe rooms apart from the suites. I loved my room that was right on the ground floor, as it had all the basic amenities that any traveller needs. If it's not there, it's simply a call away, and complimentary (iron table, toothpaste etc).
Post check-in around afternon, we immediately headed for the buffet. Now, that's the nailer here! For all three days, the food was simply a luxury. With an array of options to try for, the chef seemed to be knowing his job Perfectly well. Rather, the tastebuds I should say...
That's Where I Use to Have My Evening Tea & Coffee!
Reviewing a resort in a city whose USP is Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve is definitely an exciting experience. At least, for the kiddo with me. The second day started with the morning safari. The reserve, commonly known as the national park is around eight to ten kilometers away from the resort, a little tucked in actually. On way you can see the average-looking lodges, hotels, inns in queue, which makes you feel the commercial commotion midst the natural beauty. I decided to forget that part for a while as me and my girl by now were already inside the jungle, waiting for that one glimpse. Can you believe that we were so lucky that the first sighting happened in just five minutes of the safari?
Tiger is the Pride of Ranthambhore National Park

The moment you spot 'Him', it's exactly then when you feel that nothing can beat this kinda me-time adventure, then just to watch 'Him' so close, right before you, in the middle of a dry jungle... sitting lazily...
The safari especially turned out to be an exciting experience for my little one who was busy watching every wild animal passing by, be it the monkeys, the deer, the mongoose and so on!

Shabari Farms, Where Nature Blooms...
And, if you thought it's just the safari that was the exciting part of the day, take a look at this!
Shabari farms, one of the key business of the resort owners is a place that happily takes care of the satiated tummies of the Anuraga guests. The farm has variety of organically grown seasonal veggies that are supplied to many parts of Rajasthan. What we especially liked is the fact that the owner is a woman, and she runs a girls school in the town for more that two decades now. The most astonishing fact was that the resorts 20% earnings is given to the school, run for the welfare and education of tribal and village girls.
My summer me-time turned out to be quite an exploration. And guess what? My girl shared many interesting stories about her friends, her school, while we were having some fun at the resort. It was quite a relvelation, honestly," sums Dr. Supriya.

What We Liked:
The location of the resort is close to the railway station, and it's bang on the main road of the city. Be it the safari, or a visit to the other places, the resort takes care of everything, at a very resonable price.

What We Observed:
While there is a big pool area at the backside of the resort along with some toddler play area, we felt that there is scope for more fun activities inside the resort. But, you don't find it missing as you are so lost in spotting a tiger and are outdoors only!!


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