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Masked Beautification...

It's Monday once again friends, and we are quite sure that the mayhem since morning must be keeping you on your toes, as usual. Well, take break as AWSW is back with it's beauty feature for your super busy week...
Wonders of Mask in a Beauty Regime
While women take care of their facial skin in a lot many ways, be it regular facials, home remedies, some quick peels, or even the CTM suggested by experts, there is one key element to beauty regime - Mask or the packs that are a sure shot way to skin rejuvenation. But if you thought that any regular or easily available mask will do the needful, it's high time to make a shift to the high mineral-based masks from Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics! The brand that is known for it's special ingredients that are extracted from the original 'dead sea' or 'salt lake' of Jordan, has some special masks that not only adds radiance by cleansing your skin, but also have anti-aging properties.
We reviewed some of their newly launched products in India, take a look...

The Timeless Range Form the Brand...

Self-heated Mask

This one comes from their 'Timeless' range that's meant to have special anti-oxidants in the form of minerals helping in delaying the aging process. They mask is easy to apply, but what's interesting is that the moment you apply the mask, it self heats and you feel the warmth on your face. Don't worry as that is what it is supposed to be like.
The warmth is mainly for improvising the blood circulation, which will ultimately lead to reducing the aging property of your skin.

What We Liked

After leaving the mask for 15 to 20 minutes when you rinse it with water, your skin feels supple. While the anti-aging feature is sure not visible in one go, the mask because of it's nature ingredients is good even for hyper-sensitive skin type as well...

What We Observed

Not every woman will find the whole self-heating experience to be fun. Also, since the product is oil-based the mask doesn't get dried easily!

Get Soaked in Mud...

Mud Mask

For those who are young, and are not looking for anti-aging products, this one is a real beauty wonder. Mud mask, commonly known as the mineral therapy is primarily for your body than face. While the original dead sea attracts thousands of tourists each year for the actual live mud bath for getting soaked in the active mineral ingredients, this jar is quick and easy to use during your morning bathing ritual. 
Minerals are known to extract out the impurities and the toxins from your fatigued body. This mud mask is a sheer bliss. 

What We Liked

It's like self pampering, you apply it on your body and leave it for 10 minutes. Later, you rinse it thoroughly. The skin feels soft and lighter. It is also supposed to tighten your skin, which we feel should be visible only after six to seven applications!

What We Observed

As a busy woman, you might find the entire cleansing a little tedious task. Also, since it's all mud, sans any fragrance the whole bathing experience is not what you had imagined it to be like. But, the results are sure going to impress you...

Beauty is an unending process, but if a sheer layer of Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics can work wonders, then why not get masked for a while?

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