Friday, April 11, 2014

Raise Your Bar-o-Meter This Weekend!

Once again, it's TGIF and we know that your plannings  for the weekend have already begun. So, if drinking out with your friends is one of the plans in your long list, take a look at what we reviewed last week!
A Bar With a View.... Monkey Bar, Delhi
This one is a new add on to the sort-after culture of the capital of India. Yes, we are talking about the bars, and Monkey Bar is the newest destination in the same. Well, but this one is sure of a different league and will not just woo the regular 'boy' category, will impress women equally. For it has the ambience, the space, the feel that instantly makes you feel comfortable the moment you step in this super sunlit bar..
We visited this bar one fine afternoon, over a candid lunch review. Post selecting the prefect cozy corner, we placed our first order - aam panna with vodka. An unusual cocktail, and definitely an unusual servi portion. It was simply blissful, and women-friendly drink. The fact that it had double shots of vodka really impressed us. While we were busy sipping this yum drink, our table soon had quick bites like stuffed mushrooms, butterfly-shaped crunchy snack, stuffed with paneer. Although, they all had very quirky names, which our readers woild sure want to explore later..

The menu is not the traditional bar style menu, which usually is finger-bites but has some good balance of shari platters, combos, and of course the main course. We opted for the smaller portions of different courses like Thai and Chinese along with a health salad that had loads of beetroot. The flavours are quite decent, it's just the oil gactor that you might want to ignore. Rest all is a perfect fun food. Why we say fun? There was a group of women sitti right next to our table who were having a gala time there!!

While this bar chain is there in the tech city B'luru, down south, this is the first one in the capital. The sheer size of it, and the view from inside are more than enough reasons why you should be there this weekend... and yes, don't forget the double shots of your fave liquor thst comes at price point of a single shot! It's like heaven for the die-hard drinkers...

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