Friday, April 4, 2014

What's Your Collagen Level?

When you are watching those TV commercials that show stunning beauties with super flawless skin, smooth like satin, spotlessness with a perfect radiance, and of course a seducing smile, sans any lines or wrinkles.... While we all are well aware of the professional Photoshop and touch ups done to the dream beauties,  the woman within simply can't stop imagining having the same skin tone, texture and glow!!
Latest Collagen-Inducing Treatments Assure Flawless, yet Healthy Skin...

Yes, with looks and appearance becoming a top priority in major professions, not just women, even men are paying huge attention to their skincare regime.
So, what exactly the skincare is needed for? If you have noticed the uneven skin tone, the acne marks and pores, the roughness, and the dullness... chances are that your skin is aging rapidly, and you have started loosing Collagen and Elastin!!

What is Collagen?

It's a kind of protein that our skin produces on it's own, along with other body parts. Collagen plays a vital role in the appearance of our skin, be it face or any other area. The elasticity, the softness, the suppleness that we feel on a baby's skin is all because of collagen. Younger the age, more the collagen production. With changing lifestyle, pollution, genes, and the work schedule, and certainly your age, the body slows down this protein production. 

Wrinkles, rough skin, uneven skin tone... and a lot more! What's worst is if you have an acne prone skin, chances are that your skin will have those prominent acne pores, which won't go anywhere despite using all the flashy creams that all the beauty brands keep recommending. 

Hang on, 
There is a way out, called Collagen Inducing Therapy (CIT), commonly known as Micro-needling!

Collagen Inducing Treatment & the Areas it Works On!!
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What is CIT?

So, there is a way out for the flawless-looking skin. And, this is sure not a photoshop, but a professional, dermatologist recommended treatment. CIT has been there in the beauty field for quite some time. It is different from laser, and works on different areas of your body, particularly face (see pic). 

A device like dermaroller with micro needles is rolled over on the problem skin area. The needles penetrate through the skin and break the older strands of collagen and thus, stimulate the skin to product fresh collagen.

Sounds scary?
Well, as the experts say that this treatment is way safer compared to laser or chemical peels. This treatment doesn't touch the Epidermis, which is the basic foundation of your skin. Hence, safe.

What's the Aftereffect?
A smooth-looking skin that feels younger, sans unevenness and roughness.

Now you don't have to gasp when you are looking at those beauties in those TVCs... Take your appointment to the right and well-educated dermatologist to know more about this skincare regime!!

NOTE: The results of this treatment can be seen after seven days, and complete effects after a month, when skin can be seen producing collagen...

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