Monday, April 28, 2014

When Beauty Comes in Potions...

Since the day has started on a beautiful note, we thought of giving you one more beauty dose of the latest entrant in the Indian beauty industry. Wikka, a fairly new beauty brand, that got launched in India this month is all about beauty potions, and seems to be ready to cast it's spell on the beauty-conscious women. And why not? After all, the one on the helms of all the affairs of Wikka is a woman herself.... We'll talk more about it in the later part. Let's show you what we tried and tested!
For the Perfect Hair Care!!

Hair Nourishing Potion

While we were given a lot of interesting products like hand care potion, face cream, summer freshener, we thought of trying this one first. Hair care is one of the key ritual in a woman's routine. Even if she's busy, she prefers doing some quick oil massage for the well-being of her curls. While the Indian market is flooded with a lot of hair oils, not many actually can claim to be providing a proper nourishment as well.
That's why when you apply this potion, you find it different as the ingredients are so unusual. Grape-seed oil, lavender oil, sweet almond oil, carrot-seed oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil and so.... So, what do find here that's different? Yes, the potion is a perfect blend of key essential oils that are the core of aromatherapy. Don't wonder, as Wikka is an aromatherapy-inspired brand!

What We Liked

Just a two tablespoon full oil is enough for a relaxing massage for your scalp. The fragrance is soothing and post cleansing, you find a sheen along with an alluring aroma in your locks...

Rupal Shabanam Tyagi, she is the
brain Behind Wikka
Let's now talk about the expert who is heading the brand. Rupal Shabanam Tyagi, a software engineer by profession, and now a therapeutic expert by choice is the brain behind this new beauty brand. Tyagi is a qualified Aromatherapist, who after spending a few years in the research for her brand, has formulated the entire range of Wikka. " While Wikka originally has been associated with witchcraft, what we are offering here is the magical spell that it creates with it's potions. Each product is my formulation, and is purely based on aromatherapy. That's one of the reasons why we call it a brand that's not just beauty, but is meant to cure your skincare and hair care related problems," brief Tyagi.

We couldn't agree less, as each product is all about fragrance and aromas. Be it the hair tonic... err, potions, or the hand cream that leaves such lasting fragrance that you can smell the next morning, or the freshener that's so very refreshing!

Aromatic Nourishment for Your Hands!

Nourishing Hand Cream

The next in the try and test was the hand cream (we tried another, not in pic). If you are used to taking lots of hand cream for the application, with this brand, it's just peanut size of cream that will do the needful for a hand!
Despite being based on oil, the cream doesn't take long in penetration. Your hands feel supple, without any oiliness or stickiness. Rather, they are dry yet protected...

What We Liked

The quantity that you apply on your hands is really good considering it's quick effects. For any woman, the fragrance of this product will instantly charm. Just make sure not to soak your hands into anything after the applications as the key property of essential oils is to make the skin feel relaxed. Perfect for the night beauty regime...

With yet another beauty brand available in the market now, it's easier for Indian women to decide what exactly they want. For us, Wikka is a must-have in our beauty kitty this season...

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