Monday, May 26, 2014

For the Love of Handloom

With Indian textiles blooming at each and every corner of the world, it's time to focus on some home fashion on a busy Monday!
Loom Mool, one of the newbies in the lifestyle stores that has recently forayed into contemporary fashion, sourced from SEWA Bharat, a women-centric organization that primarily revolves around hand-looms is what we visited this month.  
The Interiors of Loom Mool in HKV
It was a beautiful afternoon spent at this elegant store (see pic), located in Haus Khas Village (HKV), the fashion hub of the capital. The moment you step in Loom Mool, all you notice is ethnic, hand-crafted very subtle apparels, saris, stoles, just to name a few, displayed in the midst of rustic ambiance. That's something that catches your eyes in a go as the entire HKV otherwise is all about bling, shimmers, heavy embroidered stuff, and so on...

We spent some time checking the contemporary items while we were waiting for our interaction with Meera Saxena, the lovely lady who represents the brand in terms of it's design sense and consumer approach!
The store has a very Indian appeal, for obvious reasons. It sources all it's stuff (raw) from SEWA Bharat (All India Federation of Self Employed Women's Association), this one particularly from Bihar, where women homemakers weave some stunning silk fabrics on the handlooms that are installed at their homes. 

The Collection at The Store...
While we were getting the feel of the store, entered Saxena who seemed to be wearing one of the Loom Mool fashionable attire, perfect for the Indian summers. " We realized that India handloom is one area that hasn't been explored much. While there are brands like Fabindia, Anokhi, and many more who are focusing on the Indian textiles, at our store the prime focus is converting the handloom into the contemporary and global silhouettes that are actually the demand of the time. HKV seemed to be the best option to launch the store as there are a lot of International and Indian buyers who visit this area. Also, since we are focusing on women who are well-travelled and understand the importance of not just handloom, but the transformation that the Indian silhouette like salwar suit has gone through, " explained Saxena when we asked her about the whole concept of Loom Mool!

So, if you thought that you will get the regular suits, and saris at this store, you might have to give it a second thought, as the brand is a lot more than that. Why we say so? Well, we actually tried and reviewed one such form of attire that probably is the must-have in any 'on the go' sort of women's wardrobe...

What We Reviewed

Check this picture, it's a very simple top with tussles at it's hemline. what;s special? Well, it's pure handloom in silk. It has a very soothing texture when you wear it. It's breezy, casual, yet elegant. We tried the same with western pants ans Indian long skirt, and you need to believe this that it looked cool both ways. (check our Instagram to see the looks)

The best part of handloom, as told by Saxena is that every fabric has a different texture, as no design is machine-made, so with each thread passing through the loom, chances are that you get the natural texture that keeps changing with very yarn. 
We loved this breezy piece that is a little different in terms of the silhouette and the fit, unlike the regular international brands. And, if you thought that there are very limited styles when it comes to handloom, check this out...

Perfect for Indian women who have the belly bulge issue, a silhouette like this will sure do the needful. And, what's best? You don't have to stick to the typical salwar suit styles, as this brand will offer you some very smart-looking styles that are cool enough to be worn at your work place...

And yes, if you still want your chunni to be with your smart Indian casual, don;t forget to try their lovely stoles that are once again pure silk, or tusser silk.. They sent a splendid green store which we tried with the top. 

Loom Mool is one brand in the recent times that we sure loved reviewing, and trying. We are soon visiting the store for our first formal shopping, to explore their newest styles in Indian handloom, coming straight from a women's only organization... like AWSW!!

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