Thursday, May 15, 2014

For Your Weekend Bliss...

It's been a while, we couldn't update our website. With kids summer vacations on in India and travel in full swing, chances are that most women are busy with families, plannings, and work as usual. But, if the daily grind is keeping you on your toes, especially for women in the capital, take a look at this place that we reviewed recently. Hyatt Regency Gurgaon is the new address for luxury, fine dining and of course some rejuvenation this summer season!

The Beautiful Suite at the Hotel
The hotel, located right before Manesar boarder is a wonderful weekend destination for women who want to feel the home, yet get to stay away from it. We checked in this property during a weekday, just to be welcomed by this beautiful suite (see pic). It had that warmth and the taste that any woman traveller is looking for. The suite is spacious enough to accommodate a family with kids. What we liked is the concept of dedicating the top two floors for the suites & one Presidential Suite... See the picture
( left), this is how it looks!

But, that's not all! Since the check in is during noon, all you want to do during summers is take a shower, just to feel refreshed before the tempting Indian cuisine calls you...
Jacuzzi & the LED in the Bath Area...
The stunning marble flooring in the bathroom, and the tempting Jacuzzi is enough to make out the luxe factor of Hyatt Regency hotels. We liked the fact that they each hotel follows the international standards, which means that even of you are booking a regular deluxe room, the bathroom will sure have a tub, which is not a feature in other properties of the similar league!
OK, so post this lavish aqua therapy, we headed straight to Lavana, the first fine dining Awadh restaurant in the national capital region.

Interiors of Lavana Restaurant at Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon
When it's a woman's travel, the food has to be good and be assured that Hyatt Regency Gurgaon sure leaves no stone unturned to woo the 'she' travellers. We totally loved the authentic Awadh flavours at this restaurant. It was a sumptuous lunch that we enjoyed in the company of the lovely Sales and Marketing head of the hotel,  who happened to be woman. She gave a thorough insight of the property, while we were enjoying the special delicacies of Awadh region!
Once again, this is not all. If the lunch was satiating enough, the dinner was equally tempting and lavish. Take a look at this picture (left), this is how the hotel serves food when you order it at your room.

Shvasa Session is a Must for She Travellers...
And, if you thought that food is the only thing that lures women, you still have to see the best that the hotel can offer.
Yes, you guessed right! No weekend travel is complete if you haven't rejuvenated yourself with a relaxing spa ritual...

Shvasa, the in-house spa at this hotel is cozy and comfortable to appeal you in one go. While the spa area is pretty simple and subtle, all you want to try is the signature therapies that it offers. We decided to go for the Shvasa Ritual, which was all about a gentle Oatmeal scrub, followed by Sandalwood mask, and later the reviving cinnamon & eucalyptus oil massage and steam. The 120 minutes therapy was a superb rejuvenation as the therapist knew her job well. We loved the massage oil that sure releases the stiffness in the strained muscles.

So, if you are planning to take a break from the daily chores and work, this is the place to spend time at. Visit their website to know more about the special offers that they are running till September. You will be utterly surprised with the rates that they are offering for a suite stay...

Time to take your short summer break, the way we did!!


  1. It's been 2 years since you've had this weekend bliss, it looks like you really had a good time. I will visit this hotel once I get to visit my family in Gurgaon. Services and amenities are very inviting, will include this on my report, which you can read at best term paper writing service online.

    1. Yes, it's beena while and we had a fab experiecne then.. hope the hotel and it's services are still fantastic, sure do share your update once you done with your staycation :)

  2. I was looking for some good hotels. writing services Yous review is very good. It was helpful for me.

    1. Thanks Melisa, glad you liked it. It's beena while though :)


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