Monday, May 19, 2014

Glam up Your Inner Self!

Time to make your busy Monday beautiful... How? Well, for a woman her inner beauty speaks loads about her outer appearance, and if the inner one is taken care properly, chances are that the busy day will seem like any other usual day.

A well-fitted beautiful lingerie is a key to your day-long comfortable appearance. And, that's one of the reasons why we decided to review Enamor, a brand that has drastically revamped the definition of woman's lingerie, in a country like India where still a majority of women go for any Tom Dick & Harry undergarment (we dare not call them lingerie)

Enamor's 'Fabulous as I am' Campaign is one of the Most Admired Lingerie Promotions! 
Lingerie, which includes both Bra and Panty is a key essential for any woman. Be she a working woman, a college girl, or a homemaker, a perfect set of lingerie boosts her self confidence in many ways (you have to believe it). and, Enamor as a brand is truly taking care of this sensitive need of Indian women in the most glamorous way. You don't have to be a newly married one, or the so called wannable one who usually go for the most sexy and ravishing pair as the brand has some stunning stuff to offer for every woman, for every age!
We not just tried and tested the brand (They sent us a pair of lingerie from their latest 'Honey Dew Collection' for the review), but also connected with their Spokesperson, Sandra Daniels who heads the Marketing to understand the brand and it's wide rage of collection that they have for women.
Girlie's Collection From Enamor

"While lingerie is the most personal object to women all around the world, in India particularly, it has always been a closed door subject. However, the perception of lingerie is changing among Indian women. They don't regard it as a secondary part of their wardrobe, but give just as much importance (on a day to day basis) to lingerie as they do to their outerwear. Every woman wants to look great and feel confident in her lingerie. She has started giving importance to comfort and style, to feel and look good both, says Daniels. 

We couldn't agree more to what she said. The Honey Dew collection that we reviewed has a great fit and comfort. It is sheer elegance. Whether your cup is simple 32 or 36 C or even D, the brand sure has a perfection in take care of your curves, making you comfortable. Same goes for the lowers. As an average India woman, who tends to have extra fat in the belly area around thighs, Enamor panty is a total comfort. You don't feel the elastic around your waist region, and it doesn't even lead to any itchiness, which a lot of other brands tend to create. 

The Hourglass Shape Collection

OK, so this was the review. We further asked Daniels about their hot selling age group, just to understand the brand's designs as they are so fresh and youthful. " Right now, our hot selling target age group is between 16-35 years old. We have observed that women are increasingly looking for lingerie that is more special, that looks and feels good, so the "Fabulous as I am" is the answer to that urge."

Wow... and, if you thought that it's only the lingerie that the brand has to offer, take a look at this picture (left)! The 'Hourglass Shape' is the latest from the brand that specifically taking care of the figure flaws, just to make your outer appearance perfect!!

Later, Daniels share the must-have list of a woman's lingerie. " A busy woman should own  a seamless padded bra, glamorous party red lace bra, strapless bra, slim back bra, shape-wear based on requirement and seamless panties for trouser and jeggings," she summed.

We don't know how many of it you actually have, but it's high time for you to revamp your personal lingerie collection as Enamor is one brand that sure deserves to be part of your wardrobe. and guess what? If you are one of the online shopaholics, the brand is available at the leading e-commerce portals of India at a much lucrative price range and offers..

Your comfy and glam lingerie is just a click away!!

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