Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Go Melon'y' With Food...

With summers come the appetite for juicy, citric, cool, and sweet fruits. But when these soothing fruits are offered in a lavish style 3 to 5 course menu at a plush summery restaurant, all you crave for is to dig in...

And, that's actually what we did last week at Lodi, The Garden Restaurant in the capital where we tried their 'about to get over' Melon Food Festival!
From the Beautiful & Lip-smacking Melon Menu at Lodi 
It was a lovely afternoon when we reached at Lodi, which had invited us to review this interesting food fest. This time we decided to make it a family affair, and roped in two cutesy kiddos from our family to get the quick and real feedback from these little reviewers. 
Lodi the Garden Restaurant doesn't need any formal introduction, The restaurant has been a first preference for many expats, women who believe in class and fine dining, and many other international travellers who find this cozy restaurant to be the best slow eating zone, when it comes to European cuisine. Both watermelon and muskmelon were part of this limited edition summer menu that their chef finely crafted keeping women's health conscious approach in mind. Curious to know what we tried? Well, the picture above has already spilled the beans, yet here comes the elaborate details...

While the three-course menu had dishes like Three melons and tomato gazpacho, Musk melon, low fat yoghurt, sparkling water and fresh mint, in soups, we straight away decided to try summer salad, which was Watermelon, feta cheese and home grown sprouts with sweet balsamic. It won't be an exaggeration, but melon never tasted this good. It was subtle, with such elegant sweet and soothing flavours.
The Lush & Lovely Ambiance of Lodi...
 And, if you thought that the little reviewers were trying the same, definitely not! For them any fine dining experience is not complete till they don't get to try something from the Italian food family. Yes, you guessed it right. They simply binged on their all-time fave - Penne Pasta, in combination with Basil & Mango Mojito. Though, the drinks were a little sour for them. But since we were offered super-soothing Watermelon Mojito and Melon Milano, with some fresh mint leaves, we actually didn't care much and continued with our drinks!

Now, was the turn for the mains, which once again impressed us. This time it was Grilled Fresh cottage cheese roundels with spiced melon and cilantro salsa and a Watermelon, Basil, and Pine nut salad. It was like sumptuousness at it's best. The nutty and melon-y flavours were enough to keen the afternoon cool, midst the fabulous ambiance of Lodi.
We later decided to skip the melon-based dessert, and straight away went for their in-house Fig ice-cream, that is the proud feather in their lovely fruity cap each season!

If you missed this healthy food festival of Lodi, don't feel upset as they are all set to surprise you this June with their Mango food festival... Watch this space to know more!!


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