Thursday, June 19, 2014

For a Healthy Dining Out!

It's been a while and we realized that we haven't added any interesting new profile to our well-read series - "Women at Their Culinary Best" And, so here we are with yet another 'She' chef who surprised us with her culinary talent recently in the capital... What's best? You get to enjoy a healthy eating, yet a fine dining out experience!

Super Healthy Thai Luncheon at @ShangriLa Eros Hotel in Delhi
MAde by Their Newly Appointed She Expat Chef!
Siriporn Krasae, With one of the
Signature Thai Dessert...
Siriporn Krasae, an expat from Thailand is the new and only She Chef at 19 Oriental Avenue, in ShangriLa's Eros Hotel in the national capital. And, we got a chance to try some of her healthy veg delicacies last month when we were invited to review her culinary art!  While Krasae has been on board with a couple of other international hotel chains in past, this is her first with ShangiLa's Eros, especially in India.  

We were told that she is called 'Joy' as her nickname, and it was easy to guess looking at her beautiful smile, particularly when she finds it difficult in communicate in English. Thai kitchen with the hotel has always got some rave reviews, thanks to the she chefs that the hotel appoints (remember, we featured their past chef?).

So, what is that very yum and tasty talent of Joy that makes you visit this  Well, we tried the vegetarian option, but that surely doesn't mean that's what she specializes in. In fact, it must have been really difficult for her to craft the entire luncheon menu in a pure vegetarian style. But, then that's where the talent of a chef lies. Considering AWSW reader's being women, Joy impressed us with the super healthy courses, be it Phad Thai, rice with herbs & veggies, jumbo-size grilled tofu, stir fried mushroom platter, and of course a beautiful mango based dessert, served with freshly made sticky rice. But, that's not all. Joy's specialty lies in a lot of interesting and lip-smacking seafood. Be it Hor Mok Pla, Prik Yardsai Talay Keang Kheaw Wan, or even appetizer like Keang Jued Lookchin Woonsen Kai, which is chicken based. 

While 19 Oriental Avenue is soon going under a revamp, and will remain close till this year-end, you can still visit the hotel as the chef's art can be experienced at Cafe Uno, which is their all-day dining restaurant. Undoubtly, the oriental ambiance will be missing for sure, but definitely not the flavours...

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