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Technology That Keeps You Cool

Ever wondered what a busy woman needs when the season is boiling, temperature around is busy breaking all records, and the power crisis in the country, be it a metro or a small town is just not ready to give up? Well, some mental peace in a super cool home sweet home is all that she needs to stay calm and busy simultaneously...
That's where brands like LG fit in, who probably have observed what Indian woman are looking for. LG India's newest Air Conditioners are all for women. Well,  this doesn't mean that they have come up with some women-friendly technology but sure a concept that's going to woo the women in a go!

The Newly Installed LGAC at AWSW's Place...

Mosquito Away LGAC

Yes, as you read the heading the product truly means the same. LG India has launched a newest technology, Mosquito Away air conditioners, which is the first in Indian cooling business. And guess what? AWSW got a chance to review this interesting product for our lovely she readers.
Mosquito is one of the most worrisome insects in a country like India, especially when the season is changing. Be it Spring, be it Monsoon... this little creature gives us enough troubles. And, with women who are mums as well, they are more worried if they keep buzzing all around the home sweet home. But, not any more. LG's new piece is super cool. Not just in cooling experience, but also in keeping the mosquitoes at bay, and we experienced it right from the first day.

What We Reviewed?

Now, let's come straight to the review. With our place being more of a studio, we were looking for a cooling system that can keep the super hot lights and camera cool. The LSA5TM5M (Series) from the L-TERMINATOR range, in 1.5 tons, with Five star rating proved a wonder home appliance. This model, which falls into the premium range is loaded with beautiful features. First thing first. It's elegant in look, so immediately appeals to a woman's home aesthetics. It's decibel level is so soothing that you see it's there, yet can't hear it.
Yellow is the New Color Code in Remotes!
Press it & Say Bye-Bye to Mosquitos

Cool Remote

Glow Buttons,
Women's Fave...
The second chic thing with this product is it's sturdy remote with good-size single press buttons. Each one can be easily accessed by even the older users who usually find it difficult to operate the tiny buttons on a remote. The most appealing one is of course the Yellow button that guarantees to keep the mosquitoes away. Wondering how? As per LG's lab results (see YouTube videos), the cool-looking machine installed inside the air passage produces some sort of ultra sonic sound, which makes the insect inactive and it falls on the floor quickly. We tried the same at our place which even in this peak summer had these flies. You tend to notice the lesser number of the insects, if not see them falling actually!
The other thing is the radium like buttons that glow in dark (see pic above). The key buttons that are usually accessed by women during midnight when they find the temp or even the fan speed a little too much for their loved ones', the glow makes it all the more convenient to operate even when you are half asleep...
We simply loved this new AC from the brand. Though, we must admit that this is our first experience with #LGAC, as we have tried and tested some other brands of the same league. Seems like we are falling for LG...

Other Key Features

And, you thought that it's only wiping off the insects and that's it? Niat! The new air conditioner, which is available in the Split model only (in 1 ton, 1.5, & 2 ton) has many other key feature to try and experience this season.
LG AC is Your Season's Must-have...

Be it the 'Himalaya Cool' technology that offers a quick cooling, not by putting pressure on compressor, but by some smart indoor airflow technique. The room gets cooled 28% faster saving the equal percentage of energy. And you know what? It's again a one touch button on the remote called -H'Cool!
We also liked it's Auto Clean feature that assures to dry the wet heat exchanger thus, preventing bacteria and mould. We still have to see the result of this interesting button as we plan to press it during monsoon season. What say?

So, if you are seriously considering a new technology-based cooling home appliance for your home, a good investment for a few seasons to come, and an AC that can woo your lady love, AWSW would sure recommend the Mosquito Away!

Want to know the price point? The LSA5TM5M from LG India is 51490/- INR (Exclusive Installation).  Visit to know more about other ACs from the brand!


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