Wednesday, June 25, 2014

When Tapas Cuisine is Your Call!

When the weather is not ready to set the mood, there are other better ways to cheer you up. In today's time, especially when the workplaces give you endless fatigue, all that we need at the end of the day is a place where you can let your hair down, with total comfort. And guess what? We managed to find a place for you... Irezumi, a newly launched Asian Tapas Club Lounge in the central hub of the capital is a splendid venue to get drenched in some fun drinks & yum cuisine!
Irizume, Where Aesthetics Meet Flavours!

So, we reached this casual, yet a fine dining lounge one fine evening with a little reviewer this time. Since the place was yet to acquire it's liquor licence, they politely accepted our sweet request to bring in a little reviewer (an 8-year-old) to try and experience Tapas cuisine.

Now you might wonder what exactly is this cuisine and how women find a connect with the same? Well, Tapas is a Spanish style of food that's majorly into snacks, be it cold or hot. It's more like an appetizers that is served in smaller portions. And, when we say Asian Tapas, it obviously is a platter that's served in Tapas style but has all the authentic Oriental flavours in it.

That's what our evening at Irizumi was all about. The place undoubtedly has a lovely ambiance, be the choices of colour, the lighting, the space division, or the overall aesthetic. It was evident that their is a woman's brand behind all this, and it got unveiled soon when we met the couple who had conceptualized the entire lounge. 

The Terrace Seating For Season to Come...
Before we could chat with the creators, our lovely mock-tails had arrived. Soothing Basil & Strawberry Mojito. Both were like perfection at it's best...

Our Little Reviewer Enjoying the Desserts...
While the capital and the working women class here is looking for places that can offer a relaxed seating, snack-style cuisine, and definitely some amazing cocktails, this lounge sure has taken care of all these aspects. Women today have gone health conscious, but they still want to dine out and try authentic international cuisines. That's exactly where Tapas fits in. You are neither trying too much, nor making yourself go on a hunger strike. This is something we realized while trying different courses at this lounge that followed the drinks later. Be it the Sushi platter (see pic) , which was made veg on our demand, or the thin-crust pizza which was specially served to our little reviewer, the meal in a bowl served in Thai style, the Blueberry Tart (see pic)... and a few more whose names have faded from our memory by now. All we remember is the flavour of each one that lasted for new few weeks (literally)!

While there is no dearth of fine dining places in Lutyen's Delhi (the plush area of the capital), be it the five start hotels, or the stand along restaurants, Irizume will still take all your attention.... for it has the right flavours!!

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