Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Let Your Curls Rule, Post Treatments...

Our Hair Tend to get
Damaged, Post Treatments...
And we realized that it's been a while and we haven't updated our readers with some interesting beauty feature. How about telling you something about haircare this time? While women by nature are a little conscious of their hair and rarely try and test with different things on their lovely curls, but with brands bringing such glamarous treatments and therapies that instantly make us look like diva, we often end up treating our curls with something or the other..
So, if your locks have really gone through glam things like like chemical treatments, keratin treatments, smoothening, or even straightening and off late have started showing signs of dryness, rough texture, a lot of frizz and lack of sheen, these nature-inspired products, coming straight from Indian brands will prove a blessing to you. Look what we reviewd recently...
Where Ayurveda is the Key to All Troubles...It's IRAYA

Ayurvedic Healing for Chemically Treated Hair... by IRAYA

The ancient Indian recipes lie in the goodness of Ayurveda, and the world has by now accepted it's importance in the field of wellness. Beauty brand Iraya, one of the well-known brands of India, has an array of haircare products whose core ingredients are the ancient Indian herbs. We dicided to give it a try as we received these products (Henna shampoo, Hibiscus & Balsam conditioner along with nourishing hair oil.

If you are one of those who have been visitng  the salon for chemical treatments like hair colourling, highlights, or even for texture improvement, this range of Iraya will be an apt choice. While the oil, which is a wonderful blend of 11 differnet herbs that are tried & tested over centuries adds a different softness to your curls (if kept overnight), the shampoo and the conditioner soothes your relaxed scalp the next day and bring the lusture back right after the first wash.

What We Liked: 

Because of the ingredients, the products feel amazing, the shampoo has subtle lather and so goes easy on hair. The conditioner is a perfect nailer, be it the smell, the texture or the after effects.  You might actually like the price point as the trio comes at 1300 INR (approx), which is a decent price point for products that are chemical free and pure vegetarian!

Want to Say NO to Paraben, Silicon,
Preservations? Say YES to VERT...

When the Damage is too Much, 

Go Natural With VERT

Sometimes the chemical treatements, especially the colouring and keratin therapies totally spoil the texture of your hair. They start looking rough, the frizz factor is too much and nothing actually seems working. But then there is VERT Fresh & Handmade that's a sure shot way to healing & getting the beauty of your curls back.
We tried and reviewed these newest products from the brand that are meant to be for rude hair. Don't get it wrong, of course your locks have stopped listening to you...
The Hibiscus oil is a sheer delight (if left overnight). It is meant to bring back the bounce & add to the growth. While the review period was too short for this, what we actually loved was the cleansing & conditioning post the oil massage. The shampoo with beer and olive is just perfect. The lather is so less, and yet it cleanses the scalp in one go. The Oat Milk Powder conditioner is super soft, but a little flowy. It simply adds the softness to your hair that got lost because of the colourling & treatments. 

What We Liked: 

The very fact that the brand is offering products that are paraben & silicon free makes you trust Vert blindly. You want to trust the goodness of natural ingredients, and that's exactly what the brand is offering. The cream mask (in the pic) that is meant to take care of the troublesome scalp is a wonder. Though, a little messier affair when it comes to application but the result is quite visible. In our case, we haven't faced the itchiness on the scalp post using this mask. 
Yes, the price pont may not be very comfortable for some as the set comes at 3300 INR (approx). But then, what you are getting is pure, sans any chemicals, preservations...

Love the Fragrance in Haircare? Try Kronokare,
the Aromatherapy Inspired Brand!

Troubled Scalp? Relax it With KRONOKARE

What gets affected the most when you are continously treating your gorgeous locks with some treatment or the other? It's the scalp that's getting restless & facing the heat! You need to calm it down with something that's soothing and also benifitting the overall hair. That's when armotherapy based brand Kronokare. While the brand is the newest entry in the Indian beauty industry, what we liked about it's products is the specific problems that it caters to, only by using the goodness of aromatherapy. Be it dandruff, hairfall, or detox, Kronokcare has a seperate range for each one. We tired the Repair range from the kit that the brand sent to us for experiential...

What We Liked: 

The lavander & thyme simply feel awesome. Be it the hair oil that ideally should be left overnight to let the scalp relax properly, or the shampoo and the conditioner, each one tend to calm you in some way or the other. What you instantly notice on the product is that it has no silicons and paraben. The lather is a little much when it comes to a sans silicon & paraben product, but then it's only helping cleansing your well-oiled scalp. The conditioner does a great job as it's not flowy and so stays intact on your locks. Post clensing and drying all you get is a revived scalp with bouncy locks that are only waiting to get touched...

Whether you are a nature believer, a die-hard auyrveda fan or love the fragrance world of aromatherapy, these brands are sure shot the way to make your curls go healthy & shiny this monsoon... Take a pick, 'ere it's too late!!

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