Friday, July 4, 2014

Swap Styles This Monsoon...

Monsoon is in full swing, and it's time to revamp our style aesthetics accordingly. If the scorching sun made you wear styles that had sombre appeal, the rains will sure let you experiment with vivid & vibrant fashion. But if we tell you that this season you can try 2-in-1 style, will you believe it? Well, take a look at this...
Solester, a newly launched online footwear brand is here to spoil you for choices. How? With it's innovative concept & tagline - 'The Joy of Changing it Often' 

One Base With Multiple Style Options... That's Solester!!
Women and their love for shoes is nothing new to be revealed or researched upon. We all love to flaunt different pairs each day. For us, it's never enough. Probably that's what the brand realized and decided to come up with a concept of multiple styles, with just one base. If we look at the present footwear segment and the different brands, national and international, almost everyone is offering you a pair of footwear with some really chic styles. But none actually have this option of changing the upper style according to the occassion & need. 
That's where Solester fits in. The brand gives you a chance to change the upper on the same lower sole, be it heels or flats. We decided to try one from their array of collection just to get the feel of it, and if it really matches to a woman's taste for footwear..
Two-in-One Styles From Solester...

What We Reviewed?

Look at the picture (right), this is what we selected and the brand sent us the same with an additional pair of the uppers( it doesn't come complimentary though). While one of the upper styles was bling and perfect for a party wear attire, the other one (in black) did a wonderful pairing with our daily workwear wardrobe. Wondering if the changing and fixing the uppers is a smooth affair or not? Well, for the first time, you might find it a little task but believe us, it's a bliss for women who love to change their look from morning to evening at their workplace, sans going back to home just to slip into another pair!

Price Point: The brand is decently priced, starting at 1,350 INR (for flats), it goes upto 2,299 INR (for Sandals)

Heels Styles...

We simply loved this whole changing affair. And guess what? It's a footwear that is perfect for your 'jiffy moments'. While we tried the flats, considering that's most comfortable style during rainy season, the brand has a lot more to offer. From heels (see pic), sandals, to wedges you can take a pick...

The brand sure has opened a new avenue in footwear fashion. If jewellery brand were experimenting with multiple styles, it's time for other footwear brands to get inspired and bring something really cool... like Solester!! Visit to know more about the brand.


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