Monday, July 28, 2014

Goodbye to Humidity With One Touch!

The monsoon magic had already begun in most parts of India, yet the humidity level in the atmosphere is making it unbearable to stay out for long. And, that's exactly when we look for a cooling that assures dryness in the healthiest possible way. Remember we reviewed the newest split AC from LG India - Mosquito Away AC? Bringing to you the second review in the same series as we tried and tested this beautiful model from the most polular from among comsumers (yes, we actually did our own survey to find this out...), in both the hot and the humid weather. Take a look...

LG India's Mosquito Away AC...
Also Keeps Humidity at Bay!
Humidity is actually the amount of water vapours in our surrounding, and when it goes beyond than the actual need,it leads to discomfort that we often face in this kind of a weather. While moisture in the atmosphere is a must, but high level of humidity also leads to health issues. That's exactly why we need an air conditioning that can control and balance the level as per our needs.

Why LG AC?

No denying that there are many brand in AC segment, and each one claiming the best of features when it comes to cooling. But, with this particular model of LG India, there is no such technology that till date has similar feature. While we were relived throughout summer 2014 with the mosquito issue, the monsoon season has been going great so far. Thanks to the cooling and proper humidity controlling of the model, which has made sure to keep teh indoors balances, sans any extremew dryness. Don't you know that most of the AC's end up adding dryness to your indoor temperature leading to dry throat and dehydration in some cases? With Mosquito Away, the humidity level never goes below 30 %, which is ideally not healthy. It's Monsoon Comfor Technology helps in keeping the cooling in control in relation to the dehumidification level of both the room and the body. When you turn on the mode, which is just a touch away (the key is on the remote), the fan speed immediately slows down, maintaining the cooling level. Once the compressor turns off, it's only the fan that's running, keeping the humidity in control along with the energy saving...

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the season sans humidity with LG's new split AC range..

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