Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Where Technology Meets Glamour...

The week has just started gearing up, and Tuesday is a little reminder of the busy days to come. What if we simplify your day with some technological innovations that are here in India, making a woman's life easier and better like never before? LG India's newest advance range, specially in the home appliance segment is an interesting mix of innovation, concept and aesthetics and of course glamour. Let's know more about it...
One Touch Technology to Purity,
by LG India

Glam & Pure

Take a look at this picture to your right, isn't it hard to believe that this is a Water Purifier? Yes, indeed it is a One Touch purifier, the latest and one of it's kind model from LG India. Befre we take you further on the journey of it's know-how, we must add here that the product is out in market for just a couple of months, and surprisingly has got an over-whelming response from the consumers....
Whynot? After all, women in India today are definately looking for technology that can hel keeping her family safe and happy!!

Special Features

With a 4-step RO filteration, this newest purifier offers you a stainless steel water storage (on top), which means that there are no chances of bacteria intrusion that usually adds impurity in the other plastic storage ROs. What more? The stored water gets cleansed every 6 hours by UV radiations, sans harming the pure water. So even if you are out travelling, the water in your purifier will stay pure. We loved the one touch innovation that assures the suppy of cold, hot and normal water, depending on the requirement. Women would sure like this added feature in this appliance.
Additional, the product doesn't need to be wall-mounted, but is meant to be displayed in your kitchen in the cosiest corner...

Storage Capacity: 7 Litres 

Let's shift our focus to the next innovation, which is actually the first globally. Now what's that?
The New Charcoal Fillament in LG's Microwaves...

Charcoal Lighting Heating in Microvave

This sounds so cool, but exactly it is? Well, LG India has launched this new microwave in the Indian parket, particularly targetting the Indian coocking styles. A microwave that assures charcoal lighting heating during cooking. Actually this kind of cooking assures tastier food, cooked in a microwave in the shortest possible time.

It's a lightwave technology wherein the light penetrates in the food that's getting cooked. This guarrantees even cooking form all sides, restoring the nutrients, and eliminating the fats, especially in the non-veg foods. 

While the market will take it's own course of time to understand and accept the product, we are sure that women were actually waiting for someting as innovative as this...

Direct Drive Technology in Washing Machine

6 Motion Direct Drive Washing 

And, the last one that we are featuring is the machine that's a real boon to many women, specially homemakers. This 6 motion Direct Drive (DD) is once again world's first when it comes to technology. How? The 6 steps Scrubbing, Rolling, Stepping, Swing, Tumbling, and Filtration are all done by the machine in a sustomized motion. So, if the fabric is silk, the machine will adapt it's motions as per the fabrics need. Wow!

What we specially liked is the DD concept. This means that the machine motor is directly attached with the drum (container), and therefore there is no pulley or a belt in-between. Wondering how it's helping in the overall task? Simple, the lesser the mechanical parts attached in any machinery, the better and quick is the performance. And we got to know more about this from Rajeev Jain, LG India, Business Head- Home Appliance, who we met at their newly unveiled plush business centre in the capital recently. "Technology is supposed to make life easier, and this DD concept is definately doing the same. With minimum parts attached in the product, it helps the washing machine run smooth, rather noise-free." 

We asked him about the online presence of the brand to which he said that globally the online purchase of the home appliance products is not much. "While we don't have a dedicated online space like ecommerce brand have, we guide the visitor on our website to the nearest store from her location. People in India, and even otherwise want to see and feel the home appliance products, they get the satisfaction and then go for it,"summed Jain.

We couldn't agree less, as post visiting their glam new concept store which is the first in India, we simply fell in love with their technological innovations!!

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