Friday, August 1, 2014

Quick Ways to Curl Care & Styling

When the routine is busy and tasks are more in a woman's life, what usually gets ingnored are the beautiful locks. As most of us in India have long and thick hair, we prefer keeping them tied, specially in this humid weather of monsoon season. But this results in oily and itchy scalp, hair fall, limp, and sometimes too much of frizziness. So what's the solutions? Well, if you thought that treatments like keratin shine or a nice hair spa are going to do wonders on your problematic hair, take a look at this feature before you take that final call!!

Therapy Over Treatment

Yes, it is not the treatment that solves the hair problems but the therapy that offers the cure. Now, you must be wondering what's the difference? Our recent visit to Naturals Salon in the capital helped us understanding the difference better. With the change in season, we decided to get the hair treated, but the visit was an eye opener as the expert at the salon suggested something totally different. "Treatments can only help in enhancing the texture of your hair but not the quality of your hair. The quality comes from a healthy scalp and therefore it's important to treatment your scalp than the outer layer of your hair. And that's what therapies are all about," briefed Naturals Salon expert. 
The Hair Therapy Area at Naturals...
Now that was quite a revealation as most of us prefer going for smoothing or keratin shine treatments assuming that they will do the needful. Wondering what did we try and experience? It was L├ôreal ReNew therapy that the expert suggested. The solutions comes in a small tube that's applied all over the scalp post the cleansing and conditioning. The liquid in the tube is evenly applied and left for 15 minutes so it peeps inside the hair cuticles. This is followed by a 10 minutes steam and later cleansing once again. 
If you thought that this therapy will add sheen or smoothness to you hair texture, then you might feel disappointed. The texture of your hair remain the same but it's your scalp that sure feels better, no oiliness and itchiness. Still want to add some shine? Then, go for a leave in serum post the therapy..

What's Interesting?

The salon is running an interesting offer pan India this August. You can avail a free voucher of 1947 INR, post taking a service of the same amount... Time to forget keratin or smoothening, and go for therapies like ReNew this monsoon!!

Hair Experiential at Warren Tricomi, Delhi

Quick HairDo's, Post Therapy

Once your locks get back to their original shape and health, you can sure experiment with a lot of styles for your workplace, or for a party at home. We visited Warren Tricomi India that recently opened in Delhi to know more about such styles. And guess what? We experienced some sassy & quick hirdos from none other that Henry De La Paz, one of the sort after Hollywood celebrity hairstylists...

It was abeautiful afternoon at this plush salon that's still smelling the freshness of a woddrn floor and elegant interiors. Herny was sure quick in his styles and suggested some lovely hair care ideas, "Indian women's hair are undoubtly thick and dense, and that's why I strongly suggest to cleanse the scalp than the hair. Most of us apply shampoo on the outr layer of our curls that the scalp, thry it and see the difference. Let the lather take action on the outer layer. For busy women it's important to go for quick styles, like curls using hot iron rod than going for rollers. Try a messy bun and leave a couple of locks on one side, this looks truly sexy and a perfect hairdo for a cocktail eve,"told Henry.
We reviewed those styles and realized that they are quick and cool... Why not take an appointment at this newest salon that sure is all about hair care!

Quick Tip

Too much of keratin shine or any sort of keratin treatment is a total no-no for your hair. It ultimately ened making your hair dry and frizzy... 

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