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Restore Skin With the Science of Beauty

A flawless skin is a blessing, and we all wish to have a skin that's radiant and spotless. But, not everyone is truly blessed. Many of us face problems like acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, moles, rashes or sometimes the accidental marks. While our skin has a lot to do with the genes that we carry, the work stress, diet and the environmental conditions play a major role in the appearance of our skin...
Does that mean we should take it the way it is? Of course not, with advancement in technology and expertes around, women can sure treat there problematic skin with the right skincare solution. 

Since ACNE is one major skin problem with women, we decided to bring an exclusive 4-series feature on Fraxel Treatment that's globally well-received not just by the dermatologists and skin specialists, but has cured the long-time problems of many women.

At Aayna, Reading About Fraxel Treatment...

Beauty Revival at Aayna

Dr. Simal Soin Giving Fraxel Treatment at Aayna!
Like many women out there the Founder of, Dr. Supriya Himanshu has been facing this skin problem for more than a decade. The acne marks by now have taken the worst shape, spoiling the overall texture of the face. 

That's when she got to know 
about this newly unveiled beauty clinic in the capital, named AAYNA, conceptulized by renowned skin expert Dr. Simal Soin (in pic). 

Dr. Soin doesn't need any formal introduction, she is one of the well-known beauty experts of India who has successfully explored the science of beauty. And, Aayna is all about the various aspects of beauty of science, be it skin, hair or the over all figure. When Dr. Supriya visited Aayna to know more about it, Dr. Soin after doing her skin analysis suggested her to go for Fraxel Treatment to get rid of the prominent acne scars permanently. 
No wonder, Dr. Soin's experte and professional approach convinced her in one go...

What is Fraxel Treatment?

Now, before we tell you more about her experiential, let us first understand what Fraxel exactly is. It is a laser skin therapy that treats problems like acne scars, wrinkles, uneven texture, accidental marks and even cuts. This is an FDA approved treatment and helps restore skin and making your skin look smoother and healthier.

The Treatment

Let's hear it from the Founder herself about the treatment and her experience. " It was a lovely afternoon at Aayna, though I was a little scared as my skin had never ever gone through any such such advance level treatments. Thanks to Dr. Simal Soin who made me feel so comfortable and explained all the details of Fraxel before the session began. After analyzing my skin she told that I had Icepicks, which are if not worst but serious acne marks. Thus, I would need 4 session of Fraxel to get the desired result. Since I was at her place for the review, she was clear that I should review something that my skin needs and I can share that experience with my readers. It would be more convincing... and I agreed!"

This Gel Makes the Face Numb...
You Feel no Pain of the Laser Later!

  "No Pain, No Gain"

"Any beauty treatment has it's pros and cons, and same goes for Fraxel too. No pain, no gain it's as simple as that,"says Dr. Soin. I was now ready for the treatment, and headed straight to the therapy room. Dr. Soin's assistant cleaned my face, applied this gel (see pic) that was left for good 45 minutes. The gel helsp making your skin go numb, and you actually don't feel any kind of 

The Continuous Cooling During Fraxel Reduces the Burning Feel...
sensation. Dr. Soin joined soon the gel was cleaned, and the Fraxel equipment was ready to treat my skin. It's the little accessory, rather the tip on this handy machine *see pic above) that does all the wonder. But yes, who handle it is more important, and her it was in the professional hands of Dr. Soin. Since it was my first session, Dr. Soin kept the laser level moderate. Once the machine starts running on your skin, all you can hear is the funky sound of it, and sometimes the tingy pain rather sensation here and there, which also is controlled by a super cooling device attached with the machine.
By the time you start feeling the treatment, the burning's done!

Skin Looks Red, Swollen Post the Treatment... 
I could now feel the burning that I knew would last for next couple of hours. The assistant, who was so well-trained immediately dabbed my face with ice-cool water. Needless to say, it's of a little help as the sensation is just one after effect of Fraxel. The moment you look at your face in the mirror after the treatment, all you see is a swellon face that's gone completely red!

This condition lasts just for couple of hours and as Dr. Soin suggested to take rest & sleep with head in the elevated position, I followed each word of hers. Result? By evening, my redness had gone, the swelling had reduced,"sums Dr. Supriya.

Fraxel Down-time

The treatment and it's effects last for 4-5 days depending how your skin is responding to it. As far as the results are concerned, the first session sure turned out to be a wonderful experience, with skin showing signs of changes, like softness, less makrs on the forehead area, etc. The treatment is worth giving a try, unless you have a hyper-sensitive skin. But then, you have Aayna and Dr. Simal Soin, both are professional enough to help you out with the best of treatments!
We will continue this series on Fraxel & Dr. Simal Soin for next few months, as our next Fraxel therapy will be after a month!

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(Don''t forget to check out the exclusive VIDEO of this treatment on our YouTube channel next Week)

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