Sunday, August 31, 2014

Healthy Flavours of Arabic Cuisine

The capital of India is witnessing some interesting International Food Festivals these days, and we have been reviewing the best of them off late. While many Indians by now are familiar with a lot of international cuisine, the recently concluded Arabesque,at Hyatt Regency Delhi was a wonderful know-how of Lebanese, Jordanian, and Syrian traditional cuisine...

The Fresh Pita Bread and Yum Hummus

Healthy Flavours of Arab Region

Beautiful Salad Display
A Plate Full of Fattoush, 
Beetroot Moutabel, and Many More..
Arabesque food promotion was a concept based on the Hyatt Regency's  Dubai chain, where it runs Cafe Arabesque, taken care by the Syrian chef Ali Alhaj, who is the Chef De Cuisine of the restaurant. The chef was here in the capital for the festival, and we got a chance to spend a lovely afternoon with him this week, over the food review.

"Ärabesque is all about the traditional food of Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. And, the best thing about this food is that it's flavours, way of cooking is closer and similar to Indian traditional food," said chef Alhaj.

He was right! Be it the salads or the main dish, there were a  lot of resemblance. Wondering what are the specialities of Arab cuisine? From super healthy, and women-friendly Fattoush, Hummus, Moutabel,  Muhammara to Falafel, these names will sure excite you to try some at home. We enjoyed the review even more as the chef was Syrian, and was well versed with the traditional cooking techniques. "You see, in Syria there was a time when women used to sit at home and had a lot of leisure time. Som they experimented with many different salads. Arabic food like Italian is also cooked in extra virgin olive oil, so that makes it tastier and healthier,"summed Alhaj.

The Beautiful Aish El Saraya...

Arabic Desserts, Simply Yum!

And, if you thought that it's only the chocolate fondue, or the tarts can sum up any fine dining? Then take a look at this absolutely awesome Aish Al Saraya (in pic). The intricacy of this mediterranean dessert, rather bread pudding makes you dig into it, and believe us we never tasted a dish like this. It's vegetarian, eggless and is loaded with healthiest fruits.
Beautiful Arab Desserts...

The chef told us that this one too is one of women's fave globally after fattoush. Couldn't agree less...

Well, but that's not it! The other one that we tried was Vermicelle Rice Cake. (see pic in riht). Now how often you get to see such a lovely presentation of vermicelle? Now, that's the beauty of Arab cuisine.

The chef in the shortest time (the food promotion was just for a week) presented the best of Lebanese, Jordanian, and Syrian cultures. Of courese in the form of food.

Arabesque was sure a sheer delight, and those who actually missed experiencing this time, no need to worry as the hotel will soon be adding a few of these dishes in their regular buffet. So make sure to book your table well in advance this September!

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