Monday, August 25, 2014

Traditional Indian Cuisine Gets a Molecular Twist

It's a beautiful Monday morning, and we know that you are back to your work zones post enjoying a relaxed weekend. For many women it must have been a foodie one, while many others must have been on a home cleaning spree. So, if you are one from the latter then this feature will sure shot appeal you.

International cuisine in India has come up in a big way, be it in form of fine dining or casual cafes across all the metropolitans. But no one actually tried experimenting with the traditional Indian cuisine, and present it in the most creative form till... Farzi Cafe, the newest casual cafe in Gurgaon unveiled it's beautiful world of gourmet food to women who love to enjoy surreal food creations.. We decided to experience this lovely gastronomic destination sometime back, and look what all super interesting platters that we tried and simply loved!

Farzi Cafe's Beautiful Platter, Traditional & Yet so Modern...

World of Creative Cuisines

Farzi Cafe is a casual dining destination, located in the most happening places of NCR, Cybercity Gurgaon. What you like about the place immediately is it's location, which is ground floor. While the cafe has adjoining restaurants (many ) in queue but it's so different that you visit this area only to enjoy the world of splendid creations. Imagine an amuse-bouche that's nothing but simple mishti dohi , presented with reverse spherification technique. 

When Simple Dal-Chawal is Farzified
Or, probably this one (in pic) which sure makes you crave for it... This is the typical marwari Raj Kachori that the young, energetic and amazingly creative chef of this restaurant farzified to your tastes and dream. The foam that you see here is the chutney that we Indians enjoy the most when trying such traditional delicacies.
The Staple Diet of Mumbaikars... 
Vada Pav, Dig in to Find the Vada

Surrealism at It's Best...
Makki Roti & Sarson Saag!
Ok, so this was just the beginning, and while we were enjoying the refreshing mocktails (the restaurant was about to get it's liquor license), we met the lovely lady Dildeep Kalra, who has a major role in conceptulizing such an elegant cafe. After all, she's the wife of the MD!

"I would sure not like to take any credit for this concept, it's my husband's effort along with the talented creative team that Massive Restaurants has. But yes, when there is a woman in a team, she makes sure to take care of the minute details in any venture. And, that's what this cafe is all about. We did many food trials with experts before launching it formally, and when we were satisfied both in terms of creations and flavours, we unveiled it,"said Ms Kalra. No wonder why each platter of the cafe is so perfect. Could you ever imagine trying the traditional punjabi Makki ki roti & Sarson ka saag in this beautiful form (see pic in left) ?

Look at the tiny semi-curve breads and the saag placed under the lovely curd & butter. It's awesomeness at it's best. No need to wonder about the taste, as it's nothing less that what your tastebuds ever dreamed for!

You Just Can't Wait to Try This! 
All-time Fave Parle G, 
Taking a Dip in Flavoured Condensed Milk

Dessert is a 

Spot On

You can't afford leaving Farzi, till the young chef (literally) brings this yum dessert on your table. You want to stare at the chef for some more time, as not many restaurants have a chef who is not just hot in looks, an accomplished professional as well but the lovely dessert is creative enough to grab all your attention. This one is the old Parle G biscuits that we all have grown up on, dipped in the condensed milk and garnished with the colourful gems. The centre is sure not the usual cream, but the sweet mawa . You just can't get enough of it. But that wasn't all, the chef served us the traditional phirni that had the best display of molecular food science.

We could have described the same in details here, but then some secrets are worth hiding. It's time for you to book your table well in advance for the coming weekend, as if you haven't been to Farzi chances are that you are certainly missing a food that's nothing less than a dream cuisine... 

Fact File

Farzi cafe is part of Massive Restaurants run by Zorawar Kalra. The company has other restaurant chain like Masala Library, Made in Punjab just to name a few. Farzi Cafe is the recent add on. The cafe is not just about Indian cuisine, one can try Thai & European delicacies as well..

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