Thursday, August 21, 2014

Turning Air Travel Into Rejuvenation...

And, we are back again post our vacations! Staying offline for this long sure looks like a big task, but when you are travelling all you want is to spend a quality time with your loved ones...

Travel has become an integral part of our lives today, and with airlines offering special discounts, many women globally are prefering this travel mode. But, have you ever noticed that budget or economy air travellers have to face a major challenge at the airports as there are no complimentary relaxing zones or transit areas where you can rejuvenate or refresh if the flights get delayed, or there is a connected flight after a few good hours. Result? You end up spending and yet don't get the desired facilities. Not any more as now you have Plaza Premium Lounge, the intrnational airport service provider chain from HongKong that's offering moderate paid services for all the travellers. Read further to know how...
Plaza Premium Lounge at Delhi's Domestic Airport, Cool Choice for Economy Travellers...

We got a chance to review this beautiful lounge at the capital's domestic airport sometime back. As Indian women are travelling frequently these days, be an entrepreneur, or a working one, all they want is a nice private zone to unwind, while waiting for their flight if delayed or there is a transit period when travelling internationally. With a boom in budget airlines in India, air travel has picked up in the recent years, but what still lacks at the airports is a facility where people can relax comfortably, get a good food, and some express spa rituals before heading to their destinations.
Thanks to Plaza Premium Lounge, it's simply beautiful. Why we say so? Well, we not only visited the lounge to get the feel of it, but also tried their decent food and the spa zone!

The Yum Buffet Spread Will Woo Any Tired & Fatigued Traveller Here...

What We Liked

The lounge is big enough to accomodate good number of travellers in one go. What's more? It has a separate facility for transit, with decent size resting rooms attached with washrooms. This one (pics above) is called 5th generations lounge concept, considering it's ambience, which is in sync with the 21st century taste & requirement. The lounges globally are same style, with sizes varying as per the airport requirement.
Wondering how much do you need to pay to avail this facility? 1000 INR, and you get to access the resting area, enjoy the lavish buffet, complimentary drinks and snacks, along with quick reflexology before you head to your flight. The lounge also hase some aromatherapy spa therapy, but you need to spend some extra bucks for the same. We tried the reflexology because of the time constrain, and believe us it's refreshing enough and makes you fly fresh later!

Spa Facility at the Lounge!
Isn't that cool? Not just for women travellers, even for families it makes a perfect choice. With kiddos running around, mums can actually glue them to the internet area where they can fix and enjoy their tabs and iPads till boarding announcements. Additional, the lounge has a lovely bar area where you can sit, chat and enjoy your drinks. And yes, don't forget to ask the bartender for the refreshing beer cocktails, we tried and simply loved it... Beer never tasted this cool as it in this luxe lounge!
Whenever you are flying next, make sure to check-in Plaza Premium!

Fact File

This loung facility is present internationally in select countries, with Heathrow Airport a recent add on. In India, it's there at Delhi domestic and international airport and the newst one is at Bengaluru airport.

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