Monday, September 22, 2014

An Affair With Array of Food

Seems like a long time since we updated AWSW last... Well, with back to back invites for reviews, launches and travel, this month has been packed so far. But don't worry, we have some interesting features that are lined up for next few days.

It's the festival time in our country now, and therefore your outing plans must be in full swing. Take a look at this newly opened fine dining in the beautiful Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon that we visited few days back. Kitchen District, an all new entrant in the hotel restaurant chains that is here to make your festivals and celebrations a fun affair with friends and family!
The Interior Shot of Kitchen District 

Multi-flavours Under One Roof

It was a lovely afternoon at KD, where the expat chef already had his yum plans that were offered to all the bloggers by and by during the chef table meet. 
While Hyatt Regency already has a sort after Awadhi cuisine restaurant, KD is the new add on to the hotel that primarily is about the sea food from various coasts. Be it the Mediterranean, the south east Asia, or the Indian sea flavours, this restaurant is a combination of all these flavours. The moment you enter KD, all you notice is the wide spread of seating areas, the splendid open kitchens all around (as per the food type), and a beautiful tucked-in private seating area, adjacent to chef table. 

 Melted goat cheese

 A Lavish Luncheon

Casarecce pasta
Wondering what exactly we reviewed? Well, the chef had carefully drafted the entire courses in such a way that we got to taste all the kitchens that the place is mainly about. It was hard to believe that the courses planned were not the usual five or the seven, but an elegant tasting of more than 21 dishes including entrants, mains and the desserts. Be it the vegetarian delights like honey dipped potato steaks, melted goat cheese, lentil soup, Casarecce pasta, stuffed tomatoes, Tofu with spinach and soya sauce, the mushroom dumplings, or the non-vegetarian delicacies like Tuna yakitori, Lamb with cabbage and tomatoes & chilly, Stir fried beef, broccoli with garlic and oyster sauce, just to name a few (though, we tried the veg options), the starters and the mains were a careful selection by the chef. The flavours of some were on the moderate side, but then a few simply nailed it, like the lentil soup, or the Chettinadu kozhi curry . Both were spot on!

Macaroon sandwich

What We Liked

KD has many reasons to grab the eyeballs, especially of women who want to enjoy a variety over a kitty, or a family lunch. And since the portions served are absolutely satisfying, the restaurant will sure be considered for a nice sharing experience. We liked the fact that be it the expat chef or the south Indian kitchen chef, both took equal efforts in serving dishes that go well with the Indian taste-buds. 
 Panna Cotta
And yes, not to forget the yum and extended serving of the desserts that made the luncheon last till evening! The desserts and the portions served were just amazing. While some managed to tickle the taste-buds like, Raspberry sorbet, Dark chocolate mousse with sea salts and extra virgin vanilla oil, Dark chocolate mousse with sea salts and extra virgin vanilla oil, others like Panna cotta, or the Black forest gateau and the cheese cake were a little average..

What We Observed 

KD is new and therefore will take it's own course of time to pull the right attention from the food lovers. And since it's on the outskirts of NCR, the restaurant will have to come up with interesting offers and rates to get the desired footfall. The festival season is already here and it's time for you to check their latest offers that are actually cool!

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