Monday, September 8, 2014

The Beautiful World of Navarasas

Monday is all about getting back to work after a relaxed, laid-back and free weekend. And, that's one of the reasons why on a Monday we need to be motivated. Well, Allwhatshewants is bringing to you one such inspiring feature that's full of beauty and of course rejuvenation.

This feature is about a woman entrepreneur who went through an abusive marriage and then a relationship, simultaneously got diagnosed with cancer,   and suffered mentally & physically during her stage 4 cancer treatments.  She undoubtedly took long to figure out her passion but when she did, there has been no looking back since then... Meet Nikki Kapoor, Founder of Navarasas and Bark on Barkery. The brand is a lovely fusion of aromatherapy based beauty essentials for both humans and pets, along with the pet dessert essentials like cakes & cookies...

A Woman Doesn't Need a Man to be Successful, Sometimes
the Pets do the Needful... Nikki With her Pets!
We met this lovely lady at her plush residence on a beautiful monsoon eve last month, to know more about her entrepreneurial journey. The first look of hers and you feel as if you are meeting some tattoo expert? The beautiful tattoo motifs on her toned body look like adding that sheer elegance which many entrepreneur of her age may find it hard to carry with utmost elan, the way she does...

So that's the first impression, we soon got into a candid chat over a cuppa. "Yes, I have come a long way. I guess such bad experiences in a woman''s life only help her becoming strong. It was just a couple of years back when my pet Dutchess went ill and despite the regular visits to the vet, there was no respite. Then I did my own research, got to know about the aromatherapy and that's exactly when I learnt to blend the oils,"told Nikki.

Though, the fate of the pet was destined, but with the aromatherapy blends, Dutchess managed to revive and got back to herself, which was certainly not expected by the vet.

One of the Range From Navarasas...

Beautiful Blends of Navarasas by Nikki

We did discuss about her journey further, which sure got a new direction. Today, her beauty brand Navarasas has come a long way. From making customized essential oil based blends like a face mist  (that her assistant made for us), to signature oil, haircare, hand care, and body care. We tried her body care and hand care range that we got as goodies during this visit.

What We Liked

Navarasas, though fairly new to the Indian natural skincare and personal care market, has a lot of appealing characteristics that make you go back to it again. The shampoo is a little runny but does a wonderful job on your hair. It adds a beautiful sheen to your locks. Coming to the scrubs, they are a total spot on. Even an international brand never adds this much of essential oil to it's scrub the way this brand does. No wonder, the brand is headed by a woman!

From the Healing Range of the Brand...

While her brand still has a long way to go, what's good to see is that someone who has gone through so much, sure has a beautiful reason to look at the positive side of life. "I feel it is just the beginning, we have plans to make it available online as women are doing a lot of online shopping. May be some hotel tie ups in the future. Also, since the other brand that's Bark on Barkery is a new concept here in India, we are getting a tremendous response for the same. People are happily celebrating their pets birthdays today, and the cakes that we deliver are for both humans and pets,"she sums.

Well, we couldn't agree more! It might have been a saying that behind every successful woman, there is a man, but sometimes it's your loving pet that does the needful, just like that!

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  1. Not only have i had the Honour of meeting a shining soul like Nikki, i have also been blessed by her products which works MIRACLES! We are all so PROUD OF YOU Nikki! May you always be blessed with Success and Happiness in your Endeavours.. OM! TAT SAT!


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