Monday, September 29, 2014

The Making of a Jeans

We know that our readers are in a relaxed state of mind during weekends and love reading features that enlighten them with the lifestyle world. Fashion, which is one of the most important ingredients of this world, has seen many firsts be it technology, inventions, or innovations. And, one such style or apparel that has gone through all these is Denims, commonly called Jeans...

We recently visited the manufacturing unit of Numero Uno, India's one of the most affordable yet chic brands, to know more about the world of denims!
The All New Style Statement in the Making at Numero Uno Factory in Gurgaon!
Jeans has been part of our daily life for the longest time now, be it any occasion it's only a pair of denim that can pep up your look in a jiffy. But with premium international brands venturing more and more in the Indian market, with a limited style & size chart, many Indian women find it hard to go for a jeans that's comfortable, elegant and still pocket-friendly. That's exactly where NU fits in. And, we observed this when we visited their exclusive unit this month..

The Subtle Pattern at the Back Pocket of Your Jeans
It was a wonderful experience to see the making of a jeans, right from it's cutting, dyeing, stitching, design applications, just to name a few. We reached their manufacturing unit one fine afternoon where the team from the brand was already waiting for the digital media invited for this wonderful factory visit. Post a candid briefing on the brand, we headed to see the unit. Denim factory, unlike any other fabric or yarn factory is a little different in terms of it's size. So, this one is primarily about the making of the final product that you get at your nearest NU store. The brand gets the material from various reputed mills of India, mainly Arvind Mills. The design team briefed us about the mood boards and accordingly they get the material.

Denim Getting Tattooed With
Nano Laser Machine
Hot Air-blow Ironing
of the Ready Product
Wondering what exactly happens in this factory post getting the denims in bulk? Well, the factory then gets the patterns made as per the final designs. The fabrics get cut with the laser cutting machines, which then go to the stitching section where hundreds of pieces get the final shape... only to get some final textures and styles imprinted on them.

It was interesting to know that NU unit is well equipped with latest technology machinery, be it the laser cutting, the nano laser for the denim tattoo, the air-blow ironing, and the latest O2 drying washing machine that reduces the chemical pollution and thus making the product eco-friendly. What we liked the most was this particular machine, and we were impressed to know from Mr. Narinder Singh, Managing Director of the brand who himself was dressed in dashing denim(we just couldn't get eyes off him, literally), that there are just a couple of brands across the world who have this advance technology in their factories. The visit finally ended on checking the waste water purification, which was a spot on. Looking at the dyed water waste and what comes out after 4-step filtration process was a sheer surprise. And the best part was that the brand recycles the same in their unit in the basic utilities.

The making of a pair of jeans is a different world all together. So, next time when you go out for your denim shopping, be assured that brands like NU sure have put their sweat and love in making the best for you, and we say so as we stepped out of the factoy with a lovely pair of a well-fitted jeans that the brand gifted each one of us...

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