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5 Beauty Must-haves For Diwali

Our favourite Indian festival is right here, and we know that what's keeping you busy these days. Yes, it's Diwali time, and the festival shopping is on full swing. But, before you are done with that, AWSW is sharing a few interesting, and suitable must haves for your festive beauty look. A radiant look with the right make up, a perfect hair do with the right fragrance are some of the key essentials for any festival look, but not every brand can offer you the same. And, that's why we have zeroed-in on the select one's that have launched some new range for this season. Let's check it out...

Take a Seven Day Challenge with Herbalife SKIN Products...

Skin Preps for Festival Look

Before we tell you about the trendy festive looks, let's first prepare the skin for the make up steps that will be followed later. And, for that we have this all new range from Herbalife SKIN that was recently unveiled in the capital city of India. As the name says, SKIN is a very interesting combination of the basic CTM along with the aging concerns of any woman. What we especially liked is the fact that the 7-step range is an easy guide with each product with a mention of the step number. So, even if you are not a pro, just by reading the number, and the skin type, you can follow this cool skincare ritual. 
There are a few products in this range without the mention of which the feature is not over. The citrus & orange face cleanser with some lovely green beads in the gel is a spot on. Though, you keep wondering what are the beads for as they neither melt, nor burst. The second one is the Mint Mask, which many women out there shouldn't miss this festival season. It's refreshing and gets you ready in a jiffy!

Price Point: On Request (As the brand is not an OTC product)

What's Interesting?

Herbalife SKIN has introduced a lovely sportswoman as their new face for India, and she's none other that Arjuna Award winner Pistol Shooter Heena Sidhu. She's young, and believes in skincare as her skin too takes a toll, not because of general pollution like us, but the gun powder of her profession damages the skin.. Now, that's a serious skincare concern for sure...

The Shimmerng Nailpaints Are the Key Essentials This Season!

Dark is Beautiful...

Now since you are done with your skincare regime, let's shift our focus on the make up essentials. This season, it looks like Dark is the in thing, probably, that's what Colorbar India is trying to say with their newest range 'Darkened Summer'. We got see the first glimpse of it at their all new store on one of the plush markets of Delhi, over a candid luncheon. From nails, to eye makeup, to the pump on lipsticks, the brand has sure taken care of the festive needs of Indian women. What's more? The brand has also come up with three festive looks that can easily be created using the products from the new range. What you can't miss is the shimmer nailart set that comes with 4 stunning shades. Each one makes you wonder which to try first!

What's Interesting?

If you are at Colorbar India's new store, you shouldn't be missing the customized service for any of the products you buy (above 1000 INR), the brand has installed a first-of-it's-kind engraving machine that can offer a personal touch with anything that you would like to get engraved on products like Lipstick, brushes etc. The brand totally surprised us with their customized goodies which had customized Lipstick with he name of the blogger written on it....

Price Point: INR 700 for nailart kit, INR 475 for Matte Touch Lipstick

The Lovely Eyeshadows for Your Diwali Look...

Sparkle for Your Eyes...

The festivals make you add that little sheen in your make up which otherwise you don't experiment with easily. And, that's why the new shimmer range of eyeshadows from Inglot India will woo you instantly. The brand has launched some lovely shades of eyeshadows that can also be used as Blusher. Take a look at this picture, the beautiful lavander, and the pearly peach simply accentuate your eyes with a touch. The subtle sparkles are just enough to match up with your silk, or zardozi saris during Diwali. 

And, if you are not the glitter nairart types, the bright and elegant colours from Inglot India will match to your needs. They are sans any glitters, and yet look chic!

Price Point: On Request 

An Alluring Fragrance After a Decade...

Be the Festive Muse

Your skin might be flawless, and your make up is up to date, but have you got your perfume correct? Yeah, that's a different ball game all-together. If you are not feeling confident with your deos or the other perfumes that you've been using, it's time to make a shift to Estee Lauder's Modern Muse, and we'll tell you exactly why!

This new fragrance from the brand that we recently experienced, tried, and of course loved has some beautiful amalgamation of contrast notes, that are both Indian and yet very modern.  From floral (Lily, Jasmine, Mandarin) to woody (Patchouli, Amber wood, Vanilla), MM is a toxic combination of eternal notes. 

What's Interesting?

MM is captivating and charming, and every time to spray it, you feel a connect with a new note from the bouquet of the fragrances that have gone in it's making. We loved the face that it depicts the two different sides of a woman, the confident and the feminine one, and we certainly don't have to tell you which note to relate with whom as you are the Muse this festival season!

Price Point:  INR 7,900 (100ml), INR 5,900 (50ml)
Get the Smoothening Effect This Diwali!

For the Smooth Curls

Yes, this is one important element of your festival time look. You can't let go your hair just like that, and that's where Wella India's all new Hair Oil Reflection fits in...
The product was shown and given to us during the brand's annual digital media meet up, with lovely hair expert Sapna Bhavnani, who gave some interesting insight on hair colouring. This hair oil, unlike others is a first step to your festival hairdo. You get the right and balanced shine on your hair, without making them look heavier. 

What's Interesting?

Women would love the feel and fragrance of this product as soon as you take a drop on your palm. Though, it looks like glue but the moment you apply in on your curls, you get that light softness with a different fragrance. This is actually because of Macadamia seeds. So, be it finishing, conditioning, or styling, Wella's new oil sure is a must-have this season...

Price Point: INR 879 (100ml)

Get set to shop for this list, and the right festival look is guaranteed for sure!!

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