Friday, October 10, 2014

Makeover for Your Special Day

It's that time of the year for many Indian women around when they will be fasting for the love of their lives. Yes, if the season of festivals is around, it's also the time of Karwachauth. So, if such celebrations make you go for some preening and grooming, then take a look at this review feature on one of the newest salon in the capital that we visited recently...

The Interiors of Korum Salon in Delhi...

Korum Salon, located in one of the top shopping markets of Delhi has many interesting features to grab your attention in one go. And, that's one of the reasons why we are recommending this beautiful and spacious salon for your special day!

What We Experienced

The salon invited us on a fine afternoon for some cool experiential. The moment you step in this place, all you see is a splendid space and of course smart division of the space. Be it the hairstyling or cut areas, the wash and hair treatment areas, or the cosy tucked-in nail art zone, you get to feel the services at a glance. But, we decided to try their private zone first which is more about pedicure and manicure along with special treatment room for those who want some privacy. We opted for a relaxed pedicure. For women, who rarely opt for this cool service, this salon is a sheer bliss. The expert is experienced and knows his job pretty well. He pampered us with some endless scrubbing, cleansing and massage, followed by a mask. The ritual followed for good one hours, and post that the feet were not just super soft, but also gad a different radiance. Probably, this one is a must in the season of festivals and especially fasting...

Makeover Post the Haircut...

The Hair Makeover

Now, coming to the spot-on service of this lovely salon, we reviewed the haircut offered by their head hairstylist. This is a sure-shot recommendation as experienced a makeover that literally changed the look and feel. From a regular layer that hadn't been well taken care for a lost a year, the head hairstylist gave a super-cool square layers with not the so in straight hair, but the trendy scrunchy look to the locks. 

The salon proves to the right choice when it comes to the makeover, as not just for the hair, you can actually go for some interesting skincare facials, or the hair treatments, like the one that we tried which was a LÓreal hair nourishing and smoothing treatment. The treatment includes the application of products that boost the strength of your hair along with shine, which is later followed with a steam and a simple cleansing with a mild shampoo.

It's time for you to book your appointment for your special day and grab all the attention from your love with some drastic yet sexy makeover...only at Korum!!

Fact File:

The salon offers hair and skin treatments with other services like pedicure, manicure, nail art, bridal makeup just to name a few...

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