Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Women On Wheels

This title of this feature must have given you a clear hint of what this feature is all about. Yes, 'Women on Wheels' is an exclusive series that  will cover and review the newest car models and brands that are women-friendly, chic in look, elegant in appeal, and have all the safety features that 'she' drivers look for..

So, the first in the series is Ford India's EcoSport Titanium model, which we tried, tested and reviewed recently! Now, before we tell you further about this car, and our driving experience, why don't you take a look at this interesting Video that we shot for our newly launched YouTube channel - Allwhatshewants.comTV ?

Ford India has many different cars that are already there on roads, EcoSport is the first of it's kind in the Compact SUV segment, and was launched in India last year. While the car has got some wonderful feedback, and can be seen there on roads quite often, what we particularly observed and noticed that the car is driven by many women, both working and homemakers.
And, that made us give it a try to see what's so good about it that women are going for Ecosport? The brand sent their top model to our place, Titanium over a relaxed weekend for the driving experience!

A woman can't go on a long drive in such a chic-looking yet a mascular car just like that. We decided to drive in the most fashionable attire, Dress from Giovani India. This white vintage-looking dress (in pic) proved to be the best choice as it was super-comfy for a long drive in a sporty car. We added a bit of a bling to this plain white with the moustache neck piece from Ayesha Accessories...

EcoSport is a Perfect Fashion Statement for a Modern Woman...

Let's get back to the drive now. Ecosport is an absolute beauty, and instantly woos a she driver. It fits the compact SUV segment in the most fashionable manner, be it it's exteriors, which is elegant and yet is domineering on the roads. Perhaps, that's exactly what women are looking for while driving a car, especially on the Indian roads. The endless honking, the bumper to bumper race, or the overtaking cars around,  all this seem to be passe when you are driving this car.

What We Liked

Despite falling in the compact SUV segment, the car is spacious, and makes a perfect choice as a family car. For women who love to go on a drive with their kiddos, this car makes an apt choice. It's safe in drive and comes with the airbags (2 in front) , auto-locking, handy audio buttons that are right there on the steering. We won't be going much into the technical details of the car as for women it's primarily about the look and the feel of the car...
The drive is absolutely smooth, be it the rough patches, or the sudden breaks during peak-hour traffic jams. This is because the car comes with 200mm ground clearance. For women who usually want more space around their driving seat for keeping stuff like lipstick, or a phone, or their munchies or even the healthy drinks, the car comes with enough space for such items. We also liked the auto start button, so it's like ignition just a click away...

Why EcoSport?

You might wonder why should you actually go for a compact SUV? Well, if you have a budget of this range then going for a Sedan doesn't make sense unless you personally don't like an SUV model. Ecosport like any SUV has a very masculine feel, which means that it automatically saves you from the road bullying, or the general safety. Additional, it has a huge boot space which makes it an ideal choice for a long family holiday with kids or friends...

We had a little to complain about this fabulous-looking model from Ford India, and it was hard to believe that our weekend drive came to an end... just like that!

Basic Fact File:

Engine Displacement: 1498 cc, Average: 22.6 km/l, ground clearance: 200 mm, AC: automatic, Price: 8 lacs plus (check the on-road price with the brand)

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