Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Learn the Art of Oiling

Who doesn't like the gorgeous-looking locks and curls, especially if they are long and thick. But, with the stressful lifestyle of the present time, it's usually your lovely locks that suffer the most. Be it in the form of greying, hair fall, or even breakage.

If you thought that there is no easy cure to it, well of course there is and that too in the simplest form, called as regular oiling, rather massaging! This is an age-old heritage which has been passed from one generation to the other, but somewhere down the line we innocently skipped the real art or technique that hair oiling requires. And, probably brand like Parachute Advansed realized this off late, and that's why they have come up with their all new concept of 'Art of Oiling'. We were invited to be part of this new launch campaign event that they did in Mumbai this month.
Art of Oiling Event Eve at Villa 69, Mumbai

With an intention to revive the age-old practice of oiling, the Parachute Advansed Knowledge Centre launched AOO, a renewed avatar of hair massage with oil, following the right technique and method. And guess what? To teach this skill, the brand invited International massage expert Moses Chundi, all the way from the UK. His own venture 'Çhampissange' which is known for it's stress-relieving massaging services, Chundi briefed all the digital media (bloggers in particular) about the little known benefits of oiling. 
Also, considering today's women love to flaunt their well-shampooed hair, soaked in some lovely hues of LĂ“real, Wella or Schwarzkopf, it becomes even more mandatory to learn this art as the hair are going through a lot of experiment and stress. "Oiling is a must for your hair, but not just pouring some good amount, rather learning how to make the hair soak the right nutrients of the oil. Coconut oil is without any doubt the best oil, and globally experts have seen the benefits of this oil," said Chundi. He during his session showed DIYs massages that he has developed for the brand.
Actor Nargis Fakhri During the Event...
An event in Mumbai can never be complete without the presence of a bollywood celebrity, and for this lovely initiative of the brand, Actor Nargis Fakhri (who is the face of Parachute Advansed) was present to demonstrate some DIYs. She said that she actually finds it a quick solution for any sort of stress, oiling works as a rejuvenation for the whole body. We couldn't agree less post watching some of the DIYs that she did on herself, just to encourage the bloggers who were initially reluctant to oil their shampooed & well-styled locks, for obvious reason of course...

It was a fabulous evening spent midst some oiling, hair wash, loads of selfies and of course some yum cuisine!

Fact File:

‘Art of Oiling’ provides rejuvenation with quick & easy 10 minute massage techniques. Its benefits range from de-stressing, relaxing, energizing and adding an instant glow on the face!

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