Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Re-heat Your Food the Healthiest Way

If you are one of those women who is a busy-bee, and is into multi-tasking than this feature will delight you for sure...
Often we re-heat the food that we cook right before dinner or lunch, and sometime to skip a cooking session, we use the same cooked food even the next day over breakfast. While this is nothing unhealthy, what actually should be the concern is the utensil in which we reheat the food in our chic and latest microwaves! We go for utensils that are microwave safe, but have you ever thought if a microwave-safe product is food-safe as well? 
A Colourful Set "Paradise Microwavable Freeze Bowls"
From the House of Bonita

Go For Healthy & Microwavable Option

If no, that don't worry! Most of us assume that a product that says that it can be used for re-heating or storage purpose is safe for food. And, that's one of the reasons why this whole new trend of plastic utensils is so much in fashion, as none of us actually inquire about the quality of plastic, or even look for any certification from food experts..

But recently Bonita India launched innovative & health-friendly stainless steel bowls that are not just fit for microwaves but are also food safe...

What's Paradise Microwavable Freeze Bowls?

It's a lovely set of three bowls that are made using stainless steel from inside, and the out layer is plastic. Which means, that the food stays in the metal that keeps it healthy and fresh for long time. And, we don't just say so, Team AWSW actually tried the products...
Fancy-looking Serving Bowls...
During the unveiling in the capital recently Umang Srivastava, Joint Managing Director, Bonita said that products have been tested as per European standards as it's first of it's kind innovation, and the brand plans to take it to other countries which are primarily using glassware. " Steel is the safest bet as even after heating it for two minutes, you don't feel the temperature, unlike any other glassware." added Shrivastava.

Yes actually, these bowls are a sheer delight. We tried using them for re-heat, storage and found them to be a wonderful option. Also, with glass one has to be a little careful, but with these cooking actually becomes a paradise...

What Says Research?

“Recent researches have shown that when heated, there is a tendency for many plastics to leach chemicals which are very harmful for health. These chemicals are believed to cause a lot of health issues like obesity, hit fertility rate giving rise to reproductive problems, and cancer.,” said Dr. Swati Srivastava, Nutritionist and Founder of Health Today, during the event!

Fact File:

This food & microwave safe range is stackable and comes at a price of 1495 INR only! What's more? You can re-heat your food up to long duration like 15 minutes...

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