Monday, November 3, 2014

UTI Reality Check

And, we are back once again! Yes, we were on off mode for almost a fortnight, for a fun family holiday... after all, that's one of the things that women want, isn't it? 
Anyway, let's get back to some new features on AWSW... for busy working women around, this one will sure appeal you, and it's a first hand experience of Dr. Supriya Himanshu, the Founder of!

A Clean Washroom at Your Workplace Doesn't
Guarantee UTI Proof Usage...
A clean washroom, decked up with chic sanitary wares, and aroma oil diffusers that make you feel revived and of course sanitized, each time you visit… that’s how work place loos look like, especially in the IT, corporate, and lifestyle sectors where majority of employees are women. Now, how on earth can anyone still have a UTI? If you thought that such washrooms will keep you UTI safe, it’s high time for you to do the reality check. 

Like you, I also used to feel that my office loo could never make me experience any urinary infection, till one fine day when I felt that horrible, unbearable pain in my nether region. What followed the very next day was a visit to my gynaecologist, blood and urine tests. Result? My first encounter with UTI, which is Urinary Tract Infection!

What’s UTI?

In simple words, urinary tract infection is a disease that spreads in your bladder, and if not treated in time, can reach up to kidneys and damaging them further. What’s important to know is that the root cause of UTI is the germs present in the washrooms, especially on the seats. Even the cleanest looking washroom, sans any stains can have the same germs that a filthy loo attracts.

...Is Common in Working Women

UTI, in the recent years has become a big concern in the working women segment, and I faced this horror on one of my working days in my plush office. It was shocking for me to know from my expert gyane that a clean looking washroom doesn’t guarantee hygiene. “You will be surprised to know that many of my patients are working women, and they come with this problem. When I ask them if they used any public loo, they straight away say no, forgetting that what you are using in your office is also for everyone. It’s hard to believe but is a brutal fact,” told my gyane.

Don’t wonder if I say it’s common among women. Not that men don’t experience UTI, but a woman’s nether region is such that it becomes easier for germs to flow in the tract that leads to the bladder. Thankfully, in my case I was quick and got the tests done in time. Many women in the rural India never visit a doctor, out of embarrassment and shame. This results in the damage of kidneys in many cases, and ultimately organ failure which results in death…

...Never to Ignore the Symptoms

Therefore it’s important for anyone to visit a doctor, the moment you start feeling something’s wrong with your urinary system. The symptoms are easy, and just can’t be ignored as they come along with a miserable pain. The initial few urinations will make you feel a burning sensation in your urethra and the tract both. This, in no time (in just a few hours) leads to lower abdominal pain, followed by an urgency of urination. The worse is when you are not able to urinate as the burning by now has been joined by pain, and ends on the visible blood streaks in your urine.

...Is Curable

Don’t get panicked as UTI is completely curable. I managed to get back to my workplace within 24 hours. The right medication, and intake of citric-based fluids help in flushing out the germs in no time. The cure takes its own course of action, if the infection hasn’t reached the kidneys.

Well, the best cure, based on my personal experience I can say is that prefer using your personal washrooms as much as you can. If at workplace, tell your bosses to use medicated disinfectants than the jazzy-looking fragrance diffusers… They are good for nothing!

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