Tuesday, November 4, 2014

When Cooking Happens Without Oil

Since the week has already begun on a healthy note, we decided to bring one more interesting & innovative feature for you. And, this one is more about some healthy cooking than some health concern...

Women love to try new recipes when they are in their fave zone, i.e. kitchen. But, often with Indian women, cooking and trying new recipes means lots of oily stuff & styles of cooking. Hold on, as we are bringing to you this beautiful innovation by Kenstar India, called Oxyfryer!

OxyFryer by Kenstar, a New Name to Oil-free & Healthy Cooking...
Yes, this is an all new kitchen appliance that the brand recently launched during the much awaited Indian festival Diwali. Actually, this is the season when Indian kitchens are buzzing with some yum cooking. As we all know that most of our cooking techniques involve lots of oil usage, be it deep fried, saute, or even pan fried. But with OxyFryer, we can cook the same food, sans a drop of oil.. Don't wonder, as Allwhatshewants.com not just tried and tested the product, but also made some yum recipes. Check out this Video that we shot on our YouTube channel Allwhatshewants.comTV...

The Pan Where all the Cooking Takes Place!

What's OxyFryer?

We already have microwaves, grills, and ovens in our kitchens then what exactly is an OxyFryer, and why is it needed in your kitchen? Well, none of the above mentioned actually cook your food only with hot air technology, like a blower. This new kitchen appliance does all the cooking, be it frying, or baking only with the help of hot air. And thus, there is no scope of oil-based cooking...

How It Functions?

Now, that's the second most important element of this gadget. Take a look at the picture below. There are these two buttons, one the temperature (above) and the timer which is close to the indicator lights. These two buttons are the key to all the cooking. Depending on the recipe, you set the temperature (anywhere between 80 degree Celsius to 180.

The Indicator Lights While the Cooking's Happening...
The timer again depends on the recipe. From five minutes to 30 minutes, you can set it accordingly! The indicator lights that actually look cool turn on the moment you connect the product with the electric socket and set the timer.
Cookbook That Comes With OxyFryer has 100 Recipes...

Cooking Benefits

Let's come to the real part of the review now. We tried making the festival fave Gujiya (Indian dessert) in this appliance, and believe it we managed to get the sake taste and flavour without a drop of oil. Something like this Indian dessert which is prepared only with deep frying technique comes as a pleasant surprise, as we loved this innovative cooking style, which is so healthy and perfect for a family. For women who believe in offering healthy options to their loved ones, Kenstar's OxyFryer proves to be a great option.

What We Observed

This kitchen appliance on the other hand sure consumes loads of electricity, so those who what a green and eco-friendly options, they might be a little reluctant. So, we leave it on you if you want a healthy option or a eco-friendly option for your kitchen...

For us, it's this OxyFryer which is the talk of our kitchen these days!!


  1. This is an amazing product. One can hardly point out the difference between the taste of the food traditionally fried and prepared in Oxy Fryer. Even the recipes in the book are good and worth trying

  2. Thicker cuts of meat might also need additional cooking time to fully cook. Price may also be an issue as some models available in the market today are expensive.


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