Monday, December 1, 2014

For Your Complete Wellness

We are back to the busy Monday once again, but to make it beautiful we are featuring a range of interesting beauty features throughout the day. And, what can be a better way to kick-start than a wellness ritual that can heal both your body and your soul? Look Beyond, a newest brand in personal care, skincare & home care is here to look after your complete well-being, we tried the complete range from the brand to understand how exactly it works!
The Shower Gels are Super-soothing...

Holistic Bathing

So, if you thought that the morning bath or the quick shower using any shower gel or soap will do the needful, you sure need to rethink on the same. We tried the exclusive and customized range of bath gels form the brand, which targets the exact needs of women. Be it the anti-ageing, sleep disorders, or dull skin, Look Beyond's bathing gels take care of all three. Loaded with essential oils, and other natural ingredients, the gels are super-soothing. We tired the anti-ageing range for more than a fortnight just to see the results. You can feel the suppleness n your skin, though the ageing skin shows a gradual signs of improvements..

What We Liked

The fragrance of the gels is women-friendly and stays for long. The lather, which takes a while to form as compared to any regular shower gel, washes away quickly and doesn't need lot of water for the cleansing. Dr. Seema Anand, the Founder of the brand told us (over email) that  since the complete range is natural, and there are no added chemicals to enhance lather, it's best to try it with a loofah,  then the lather is plentiful. Also, the anti-ageing gel has a blend of essential oils that help break and dissolve cellulite over time. 
So true actually!

Price Point:  INR 395 for 150ml

Get Rid of Those
Stretchmarks with this Serum!

When Serum is the Key to Beauty

The other one that we tried was this interesting serum that works primarily on the stretchmarks. Yes, stretchmarks be it the long time ones, the post-delivery, or the one that you get after reducing weight, those marks sure are a turn off in many sense, especially if they are visible. Stretchmarks are usually associated with poor blood circulation in that part of our skin and the skin goes loose, thus the wavy lines. We tried this oil serum that particularly targets the stretchmarks, be it long-term or the recent ones like post delivery..

What We Liked:

The oil is concentrated, and you can feel the warmth while you are applying it. It takes a while to absorb, which means that you need to massage in the problem area for an effective result. Post using it for a fortnight, you can feel the tightening of your skin, if not the fading away of the marks. No oil serum can offer you a magical result, and you need to use it for a couple of months regularly to notice the result. 

Price Point:  INR 745 for 30ml

Spray for Your Linens & Clothes

Sanitize Your Linens This Winter

Linens or even the apparels are the most ignored part of our skincare ritual, as we rarely pay attention to it. While we believe in wearing clean clothes, and sleeping on a neat sheet, how often we actually sanitize them? After all, they are in direct contact with our skin all the time.

That's where the brand's Linen sprays play a key role. We tried a couple of the sprays from the range that assures to protect your bed linens and wardrobe form insects, bugs or germs. 

What We Observed:

It's good to see some brand taking care of this ignored area that sure needs to be taken care, but the fragrance of the spray lasts only for a couple of hours. Probably, it's water-based and therefore naturally will vaporize. But we liked the fact that there is no artificially added perfume to it as told by Anand.

Price Point:  INR 795 for 300ml

Fact File: 

Look Beyond has many other range of products apart from the ones that we tried and tested...

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