Monday, December 29, 2014

For Your New Year Celebrations...

This is the final week of 2014, rather a countdown for 2015. And, we know that you are all set with your New Year celebration plans, but before you decide where to dine and welcome the coming year, why not check out this place that we recently visited? Indigo Deli, a name that you are so familiar with has launched it's Terrace restaurant, which is a lovely open-air rooftop luncheon space that makes a perfect destination for your winter brunches. Take a look...

Rooftop Ambiance of Indigo Deli in Ambience Mall, Delhi!

Wine to Kick-start the Celebration Mode!

 Yum Baked Tomato Soup Soup,
for a Lavish Luncheon Beginning
Rooftop lunch and winter season go hand-in-hand, but when the occasion is New Year, it makes it all the more fun and appetizing. That's exactly where this new place fits in. Indigo Deli, is well-known for it's sumptuous variety of food, and women feel a lovely connect with this place. But with season being winters, you want to chill out outdoors, especially with it's a sunny day. And, that's what we enjoyed at this terrace restaurant recently when we enjoyed doing a casual review of their new winter menu on a nice sunny afternoon...
Creamy Spinach & Mashroom Pizza

If the fresh Sangria (see pic) set the mood instantly, it was this thick baked tomato soup that simply uplifted the sleepy taste buds that hadn't had the feel of 'the' perfect appetizer for the longest time. We loved every bit of this soup, it was subtle in it's notes, with a subdued hint of pepper. The creaminess, and the bright red colour of the tomatoes will actually make you crave for it, the moment it's there on your table.

But then that's not it! The chef had an array of choices to offer, even though we tried all the vegetarian options. It was a candid luncheon with fellow blogger friends who tried a lot of non-veg options.
Be it the Lemon Butter Calamari, Stuffed Corn fed Chicken, Beer Batter Fried Squids, bbq Pork Ribs, Pulled Pork Burger, Pepper Chicken Roomali, just to name a few...

Now, let's shift the focus on the dishes that we tried. The pictures are sure telling you about the experience that we had at this beautiful restaurant, but the taste is something that one needs to try personally. So, from this Creamy Spinach & Mashroom Pizza that we had over some 15-course lunch, to the tempting chocolate desserts that we relished...

The pizza tastes OK, perhaps a nice choice for someone who loves the cheesy layering over the chopped spinach. Though, the size is ideal for a family lunch, as you can share and enjoy this Italian-style pizza. We though enjoyed the paneer veg starters more!
Creamy Paneer Veg Starters

The palate was mild on flavours, and did go well with the Sangria. The paneer was soft and tender, making it the right choice for a sunny afternoon. This was soon followed by the Corn crusted Potato Jalapeno Burger, which is one of the well-known dishes of this restaurant. Undoubtedly, it was unlike any other burger that you often try at the quick food restaurants. This one was more intense, with the corn making all the difference. It was once again on a minder note, and that's exactly when the chef briefed us that ID is known for it's mild flavours, once again making it an apt choice for women...

Lovely Layers of Chocolate & Coffee in
The Dessert

Corn Crusted Potato
Jalapeno Burger

And, as we know that no food review is complete till we try the desserts from the new menu, and guess what? ID spoilt us with choices making it really hard what not to try. From Mud cake, fresh fruit tart, to this sophisticatedly done three layer chocolate dish, we tried everything. The desserts are spot-on here, and you can easily go for anything that you wish to from the menu. But yes, the mud cake is not to be missed, as the rich chocolaty amount sure is the right note to begin your 2015...

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