Monday, December 1, 2014

How to Rejuvenate Fatigued Skin...

So if we made you start your day on a holistic beauty ritual, this feature will sum up on a more focused beauty regime that's meant to take care of skincare issues and seasonal needs...
Yes, by the end of the day our tired skin needs some relaxation or rejuvenation, and these new product launches and treatments sure do the needful. Take a look!

The Newest Range From Dermalogica -
Bio Surface Peel, Perfect for Acne Scars, Aging Issues, etc!

Soothing Bio Surface Peel

Peel is not a very skin-friendly jargon in the field of beauty, especially it has those active acid-based ingredients. As we all know that peels are for removing the dull skin, but this new launch from Dermalogica 'Bio Surface Peel' is here to take care of your long-time concerns in the most soothing way. While the 5-step facial kit, which is for a professional use and you can get to experience it only at a salon that offers Dermalogica facials, has active acid based ingredients, it still takes care of your serious skin concerns like long-time acne scars, or ageing skin, rough skin texture just to name a few in a mild way.

We interacted with Skin expert Avni Amlani from the brand at Korum Salon in the capital who brief about this new facial treatment. Remember we took the Fraxel treatment some time back for the long-time acne scars, Amlani told us that this facial can be tired post Fraxel as well, and the result will never make us go for the laser therapy...
We will soon be bringing to you an exclusive review on this facial, once we try the same at this salon!

HerbalifeSKIN 7-step Skincare Regime,
With Results Visible in a Week...

A 7-step Skincare Guide

We featured the launch of HerbalifeSKIN around the festival season and told our readers that this is a must-have for the season.

We have been trying some of the products from this new range, and this is what we simply loved...

Mint Mask is a Must Try...
Take a look at this pic, it is a super soothing mint mask from this beautiful range that we have been trying for last couple of months. Meant to tighten your open pores, the mask is apt for an evening application post your hectic day and when the skin goes dull. The fragrance is just amazing, the mint instantly relaxes your skin and you feel revived after cleansing the mask. Result? The skin visibly looks fresh with pores...well, what pores? 

We also liked the cleanser and the moisturizer from this range. Both are mild and quite effective. In our case, the products make the skin tone even, fades the long-time acne marks and the pores are absolutely not visible...

Maintain the Suppleness This Winters

Skin also need the regular boost to make it look supple. While diet and lifestyle have a major impact on it, it's the right moisturizer and cleanser that does all the needful. 
Body Lotion & Shower Gels Instantly Revive Your Skin
That's gone Dull by the End of the Day!

And, that's where LĂ“ccitane plays a role. With some exotic natural ingredients it it's globally acclaimed moisturizers and shower gels, these two will delight your skin from day one. We tried these miniatures that the brand gifted during the 5th anniversary celebration in the capital.

The brand is loved for it's soothing fragrance be it any product, but particularly the moisturizers and shower gels rejuvenate you even if you are using them in a jiffy. So, your tired skin by the end of the day will feel revived by mere application of this lotion. Called as Beauty Milk, the product adds an instant suppleness on your skin, massage it for a couple of minutes for the best result!

 Following a basic skincare ritual, whichever is the season only helps in maintaining the youthful look. And, don't forget that a healthy skin sure helps in a sound sleep, just to feel the rejuvenated skin the next morning!

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