Friday, December 19, 2014

How to Stay Hygienic 24X7?

It's been a while covering health, a key essential of any woman's life. And, what can be a better way to get back to this topic than the basic hygiene? Yes, with weather being winters, we often tend to skip the hand wash and other cleansing rituals that are mandatory for your health. Be it the touch of freezing tap water, or winter laziness, we end up consuming food just like that. And, this sure takes a toll on our health, attracting the bacterias and germs that either affect our digestive system, or sometimes add some skin-related concerns.

Multi-us Wipes by Dettol 

Stay Hygienic, Sans Water

While sanitizers and regular wipes are the easy options, both have their side-effects. The former being harsh on the skin, resulting in dry skin, the later being just a cleanser and not helping much when it comes to germs. If you thought that there is no other solution to this, then this feature will help you find the best available option.

Dettol, one of the leading brands in hygiene and cleansing, recently launched all new multi-use wipes , which assure to do  multi-tasking.Wondering what sort of multi-tasking? Well, the primary function remains the same, which is skin cleansing be it your face or your dirty hands, but what's good about the product is that it is alcohol-free, and is ph-neutral (no other wet tissue brand offers this).

We decided to try and test the wipes. The first thing that you like about them is the fragrance. The subtle mint & citric notes are absolutely women-friendly, and so you instantly feel a connect with the product.

What you also notice is that it has more moisture compared to other wet tissues available in the market. And yes, the ph-neutral feature makes sure that the tissue is completely gentle on your skin. So, you don't feel any dryness, and the need of any moisturizer application.

While these are the basic features of wet tissue, Dettol wipes can also be used for your home-appliance cleansing, like for women it's the fridge or the microwave that they are very particular about. Also, with gadgets like tabs, smart phones or iPadMini that are so often used in the kitchen while cooking, so even those can be cleansed using these wipes. But, be a little careful with the moisture content. We personally felt that these multi-use wipes are ideal for your LED/LCD TV cleansing, or even the desktop, kids toys and other regular stuff that attracts germs or sand particles. 

These multi-use wipes from Dettol make a perfect choice, especially in the winters as you don't have to come in contact with the freezing tap water. All you need to do is open the seal, take out one.. and you are done!!

Price Point: INR 115 for 30 wipes (available at leading e-commerce portals)

(This is a  promotional  feature, but the product review is purely editorial)

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