Friday, December 5, 2014

That Unforgettable Night - Bhopal A Prayer For Rain

Some movies are not about entertainment, but are meant to revive those unforgettable miseries that our country witnessed. And, Bhopal A Prayer For Rain is one such touching movie based on the Bhopal gas tragedy that took more that 22,000 plus lives overnight...

The Real Story...

The movie, which has been released worldwide this week is dedicated to the deadly night of 2nd Dec, 30 years back (1984) that the peaceful industrial city Bhopal, in the heart of the country experienced, or should we say till date is experiencing?

Though, a much delayed release, BAPFR is a well-knit blend of documentary & drama. Director Ravi Kumar, who himself hails from Bhopal, has made sure to leave a lasting impact on the audience, be it with his star-cast, the duration of the movie (1 hour 40 mins), the dialogues, or above all the straight forward direction. Set in the aspiring India of 80s that was warming up to the industrial expansion then, the movie opens up on a realistic note with poverty being the key ingredient. That's exactly when the so called 'Carbide' factory goes operational, taking the needy & naive on roll. And who could have played that character so well than Rajpal Yadav...He is symbolic of the changing aspirations of the lower strata of the society for whom this factory was a hope & mode of better living..

Tanisha Chatterjee, who plays Yadav's wife leaves no stone unturned to fit in the garb of a 'mazdoor's biwi' . Her dusky tone, the rustic accent, and yes, the envious gesture when she sees the 'Carbide' worker's biwi flaunting new saris each month!

BAPFR, gradually exposes the reality of the factory from cost-cutting, to keeping the dangerous MIC issue under wraps, which also indicates the clumsy & corrupt government that comfortably ignores the dangers that was about to engulfs the entire city. That's when the CEO Anderson marks his entry.. Played by the veteran Hollywood actor Martin Sheen, Anderson is the focal point of the movie. The unapologetic businessman that he is, decides to halt & curtail the production at the factory, which had been running in losses for sometime. The pace gears up immediately after that, with unfortunate events unfolding one after the other. From the shutting down of the factory to the leakage of the dreadful methyl isocyanate 

Not to forget the journalist played by Kal Penn who struggles hard to bring the facts out, through out the movie...

Bhopal A Prayer For Rain is a must-watch, as it shows the real side of that unfortunate incident. Not many of us today are well aware of what exactly happened and how the company never was apologetic with Anderson making a smooth exit from the country!  

The 1 hour 4o mins spent in the movie hall are sure about watching a well-documented drama that would be remembered for years to come...

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