Monday, December 8, 2014

The Right Bathing Must-haves

If Mondays remind us of the busy week ahead, then there are some beautiful things around that also remind us that the end can sure start on a rejuvenation mode. And, that's what this feature is all about. Bathing is the first refreshing ritual of any day be it a Monday or a Sunday, but if you use the right product, with the right ingredients for your skin cleansing, chances are that you will be feeling fresh and active throughout...

Winters are already here, and so we decided to review the exclusive winter range of some natural and organic-based bathing soaps of Indian origin brands. Take a look...

Beautiful & Soothing Natural Ingredients Soaps From IRAYA...

Go Natural This Winters

Check out the Green Aloevera,
it Comforts Your Skin Instantly!

Indian bathing soap market is flooded with many international and national brands, but when it comes to natural ingredient-based personal care products, the numbers are on finger count. And, one of the sort-after is Iraya. 
We asked the brand to send across some of the winter bathing soaps, and we reviewed these three (see pic).

What you instantly notice is the key ingredient in these clear soaps. Be it coconut, aloevera or neem, they are so visible that you know what's so natural about it. The soaps are not harsh on skin at all, and the lather is enough to do the basic cleansing. Post this refreshing bath, you don't feel the need of moisturizer on your skin as there is a sort of suppleness that comes naturally from these soaps.

We loved the coconut one, it's fragrance is so women-friendly!

Price Point: 175INR (100gms)

Shea Butter Makes it a Perfect Choice
for Winters

Shea is the Secret of Happy Skin

Yes, that's what these lovely hand-made soaps from Burst of Happyness are all about. Made using pure shea butter and chocolate, this body soap is loaded with amazing moisturizer. Though, the fragrance part is a little subtle, and not very pre-dominant, the lather and cleansing is just brilliant.

The other one is made using coconut milk, and the fragrance is strong and lasts for long. It's quite soothing actually, but as mentioned on the pack, it's for hair as well, you may not like the lustre that it leaves, as we women are so used to the regular sulphate & paraben-based shampoos.

Feel Happy With BOH...

We simply loved this coconut & jojoba oil soap. Wish it's edges were smooth enough as the initial days usage is a little hard on your palms...Also, you will like the packing, which is all paper. Seems that too is eco-friendly!

Price Point: 300INR (100gms)

When Organic is the Option...

We have talked about natural and handmade both, but some brand go a step further to get the best for the consumers. And that's what Rustic Art personal care range is all about. While we had asked the brands to send across soaps for the review, this one sent the bathing gel and face wash as well!

Where Ingredients are all About Quality, that's What Rustic Art is!
But we decided to review the soaps only. What you notice in one go is the fabulous packing. The soaps come in cotton fabric packing, which is different and natural. The ingredients have USDA approved organic oils, and soaps say that they are chemical colour and alcohol-free too.

That actually sounds wow, and indeed it turned out to be. The Spa soap is sheer rejuvenation, be it the alluring fragrance or the lather. It gets cleansed easily and makes you feel fresh for a good few hours, even if you are busy outdoorsy!

We especially liked the size and the smooth edges of it, as it's handy. But one has to be very careful with water, as it dissolves quickly when in contact with water...

Price Point: 155 INR (100gms)

So, it's time for you to make the right personal care choice this winters as soaps are the not just for cleansing but have a lot to do with skincare!

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