Monday, December 22, 2014

Elegant Makeover for Your Year-end Celebrations

It's Christmas & New Year celebration time once again, and like any other trend & beauty conscious women out there, you too must be working on your party look. After all, such occasions come once in a year, and therefore it's perfect to try something different that sets you apart from others...

The one thing that grabs an instant attention is your hairdo and the color of your hair. If you just got some trendy haircut for winters, why not soak them in the season's best hues and tones?

The Subtle Chocolaty & Ombre Colours from
Schwarzkopf India's Igora Range!

Turn on Your Celebration Mode With a New Hair Colour

Yes, if you haven't played with some elegant winter hair colours, and have always been trying the crazy highlights or temporary colours, it's time for you to get the real experience of a subtle hair colour with no other brand than Schwarzkopf India! 

We recently reviewed one of their plush new salons in the capital Blonde n Bliss, run by this handsome young & talented entrepreneur Karan Dhupar. We were invited to check out this salon, over the winter hair colour experiential. The picture in the right is screaming loud what we actually experienced, but you sure need to read the lines below that focus on the service & of course, the brand..

The Funny Selfie That we Posted
Just After the Review!

Blone n Bliss is one of the well-known salon chains of Delhi, and definitely doesn't need any formal introduction, but this is for the first time that the salon has tied up with Schwarzkopf India, for it's new property. The moment you step in this salon, you are greeted by a sophisticatedly done white ambience, and that instantly assures you that you are at the right place!

KD (we like dto call him this), who himself is an expert in hair colour does the consultation, and suggets to try the Igora range from the brand. "I will be doing my own cocktail of colours. But, I would suggest some subtle colours for your hair, as that looks elegant and goes well with the working women profile. Like the shade closer to the scalp will be chocolate, the mid-length will be a couple of shades lighter to your original dark brown colour, and the ends will be soaked in the trendy ombre," briefed KD.

We loved the idea of going elegant with colours, especially when the season is like that..

What We Liked?

The salon has a wonderfully trained staff, be it the one who applied the products for the colouring, or the one who did the styling post the colouring, KD, as he himself said is particular about the staff that we appoints. And why not? Women often find it a big turn off in a salon when the stylists or the hair experts are clueless about the services or the colours in trend.

The colouring ritual takes around 2 hours, and post the wash, the hair styling takes 30 minutes. The lovely play of cocktails on the locks by now are visible, and you get to see the chic ombre, chocolate shades around. While Igora range of products are a little disappointing when it comes to the grey hair as a few don't get coloured, but the overall result is simply amazing. The pictures below show you how elegant the colours are.

The Result, post the Hair Colour Session. Even the PR Got a Nice Highlight
Apart From What we Tried...
The season of celebrations has just kick-started, and if you haven't got your appointment for the newest hair colour from the brand, you sure are missing something that's really cool.

A new hair colour and a hairdo gives an instant boost to your celebration mood, and if the colours are ombre & chocolate (women friendly), chances are that you might like to continue your celebrations till the next hair colour appointment... of course, only at Blonde n Bliss!!

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