Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Where Jewellery is Chic, Yet Affordable

We women love jewellery, be it diamond, gold, silver or the precious stone-studded chunky pieces. But how often our workplaces or the day-today life lets us flaunt the authentic, super-expensive jewel pieces that we either inherit or purchase like once-in-a-lifetime investment? The answer is rarely.. Then what to flaunt?

Well, here's the answer! With many young 'she' designers getting into imitation jewellery that comes at a pocket-friendly price, our love for jewellery stays where it was. But, we have more trendy and chic options to go for, and that's what we realized when we reviewed Eristona jewellery this month. Headed by Shagun Chadha, the CEO of the brand, Eristona is sure the right choice for today's modern woman, who loves to pick 'that' chic jewel piece, which makes her stand out among the crowd...

The Lovely Pearl Dangler from Eristona,
we tired at a Beauty Event in Mumbai...

So, what exactly we tired? Take a look at the picture (left), that's a beautiful and intricately carved ear-piece from the brand, precisely in pearls but studded with some artificial diamond-looking stones. It's a perfect choice not just for your evening wear, or party, but can go well with your crisp corporate wear too. Needless to say, that the safest bet to accentuate the beauty of this jewellery is the Indian attire, especially sari..

But then, that's the beauty of imitation jewellery. You can always experiment it with different dresses and occasions.

Amazingly Beautiful Packing With customized Note...

The Chunky Necklace is Apt for Women who
Dress up in a Jiffy!

Now, before you tell you more about the brand the other piece that we tried, take a look at the stunning gift-wrapping in which the jewellery came to our place for the review**. 
After all, there is a woman at the helms of all the affairs, and she naturally knows how to woo a woman..

Each piece was separately bubble-wrapped, in a gift box. And yes, don't ignore the customized note (see pic)  that came with the jewellery. It was a beautiful gesture that any brand can offer. Discounts & the price point sure becomes secondary then...
Just One is Enough...

We also tried one of the trendy neck-pieces that sure can be tried 
with any western attire. Makes a nice choice for your office casuals or even simple denims...

" Eristona is for a woman who exactly knows what she wants in jewellery. She is well aware of the modern trends, it's just that she sometimes doesn't know the right pairing. And, that's where the brand play a role. We tell our consumers different ways of trying the jewellery, even on our website. Also, we have trends on the portal that keep the busy women updated with the newest in jewellery,"says Chadha.

We guess, it's time for you to find what's your jewellery style with the brand as it has something different for all the women out there...

Fact File:

Started in the first quarter of 2014, Eristona is an e-store  that offers a wide range of Necklaces, Earrings, Bangles, Bracelets and Rings. Apart from this, the website also features a category called the ‘Golden Stone Collection’ which offers real stone jewelry.

(** The jewellery was sent by the brand as goodies to Allwhatshewants.com, for the review & experiential. The feature is purely editorial)

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