Sunday, December 7, 2014

Winter Fine Dining Midst American Ambience

Winter weekends are sheer fun, especially when you plan to dine out with friends and family. But if you are done with the old and regular fine dining places of NCR, then this newbie will delight you for sure!

We reviewed The California Boulevard, a newly opened restaurant in Gurgaon last month. Read more about it...
Interiors of The California Boulevard...
The restaurant has a special touch, which is standing bang at the entrance. Shimmering, shining and roaring Harley Davidson. You just can't ignore it as it is there to welcome you in this beautiful Hollywood themed restaurant. 
The moment you step in, you find a plush & dim light dinner tables waiting for you. We selected a cosy central sitting area to enjoy the evening that was gonna be all about different cuisine. Yes, TCB is not a speciality restaurant, but offers world food menu under one roof. From Chinese, Italian, Japanese to Indian, you will find everything here. Before we could place the order, we already had the drinks menu right on the table.

Don't Miss This Guava-based Mocktail... Yum!

Take a look at this picture, this yum mocktail that we tried there is simply irresistible. Since the restaurant hasn't got the liquor licence yet (when we reviewed) we tried mocktails only. This Guava based super-soothing drink quickly sets your tastebuds for the lovely courses that the she chef of the restaurant creates for you.

We were pleasantly surprised to know that the kitchen of TCB is headed by a woman chef, who was then busy making the platters for the blogger that had come for the tasting and review.

We placed order for some regular starters and soup before we decided to dig in the main courses.
Healthy Veg Pizza Tasted Amazing!

From laska soup to Caesar salad, we decided to try the regular dishes that any other restaurant would offer. The soup was regular, but the salad was fun, especially the feta cheese on top.

Post the starters, came the main Italian pizza. super-hot, and totally sumptuous, this pizza could beat any Domino's or PH! Though, we tried the veg version of it, the non-veg also has some great options.

Punjabi Style Sushi..

The menu here is an interesting mix of food from all parts of the world. While a speciality restaurant offers you a dedicated food that is primarily meant for hard-core foodies, this one has so many that you actually wonder what to go for. And, that's probably one of the reasons that we tried the Japanese, the Chinese and of course the Italian courses. The veg Sushi that we tried (see pic) was a sheer delight. It was an experiment with the Punjabi food, which is cheese wrapped in fine flour. A little oily, it still tastes good...

And yes, any tasting session is never complete without a dessert trial, and here at TCB you get limited choice, but we guess the best ones only! The picture about of the chocolate ice cream will make you wonder where is the ice cream. But the moment you dig in this caramelized (happens live on your table) chocolate, the cold ice cream oozes out, waiting to impress your sweet tooth.
We like the place for many reasons. It warms you up in midst of an American setting, and all you want to do is chat with friends and family over some fabulous dinner. 

It's time for you to try this restaurant this party season! We will soon be bringing to you the exclusive feature on their she chef, and of course some cocktails (sure, they must have got their licence by now)

Price Point: 3000 INR for Two (Without Alcohol)

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